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What Domain Extensions can Shift4Shop Register for Me?


When you first sign up for Shift4Shop service, you are given the option of using a domain name that you've registered yourself, or otherwise allowing us to register the domain name for you if it is available.

Registering the domain through Shift4Shop includes a variety of domain extensions that can be registered.

The following is a list of the top level domain (TLD) extensions that Shift4Shop can register for you:

  • *.biz
  • *.club
  • *.com
  • *.info
  • *.net
  • *.online
  • *.org
  • *.site
  • *.space
  • *.tech
  • *.us
  • *.website

For any other top level domain extension, you will need to process the registration on your own through your registrar of choice.

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