Why Am I Seeing The Wrong Image When Sharing To Facebook?


When sharing store links on Facebook, product images and details that are included on the link are dependent on the store's Open Graph Meta Tags. For the most part, this should include the page's images, title, URL and more coming directly from your store. However, there may be times when the information your store is sending is not what's being displayed on Facebook. This may be due to caching either on Facebook or your browser, or other reasons. Fortunately, Facebook provides a tool that lets you see exactly what the OG information being received is.

Simply Log into your Facebook account and

  1. Go to https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/
  2. Once there, Enter the URL of the page that you'd like to see Open Graph Information for.

The Debug Tool will then show all of the Open Graph Meta Tag that is being translated for the page and will provide insight into why the proper image may not display.

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