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What is the Lite Version of the Online Store Manager?


Shift4Shop offers a slimmed down version of our Online Store Manager interface that we call the Lite Version. This is another layout for the Store Manager designed to be more accessible and easy to use for our merchants.

The Lite Version is automatically enabled on new accounts, and can also be enabled manually at any time.

How do I change to the Lite Version?

For new accounts, you are placed on the Lite Version by default. For existing merchants, you can change to it whenever you like by clicking on your Username at the top right and selecting Switch to the Lite Version.

You can change back to the original version at any time by clicking on your Username and selecting Switch to the Full Version.

What options do I have access to in the Lite Version?

The Lite Version condenses the menu dramatically and you are left with the following options:

  • Dashboard - This brings you to the dashboard of the Online Store Manager.
  • Design - This will bring you to the same page as Settings > Design > Themes & Styles on the Full Version.
  • Pages - Content > Site Content on Full Version
  • Shop - Broken up until multiple sections:
    Orders - Orders > Manage Orders on Full Version
    Products - Products > Product List on Full Version
    Customers - Customers > Customer List on Full Version
    Shipping - Settings > Shipping on Full Version
    Payment - Settings > Payments on Full Version
  • Settings - Settings > General > Store Settings on Full Version

What areas are missing from the Lite Version?

The following areas are not available in the menu via the Lite Version:

  • Marketing
  • Reports
  • Modules

If you are trying to access these sections, we recommend switching back to the Full Version. This can be done by clicking on your username at the top-right, and then selecting Switch to Full Version.

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