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How do I Use the Batch Capture App?

The Batch Capture App allows for merchants to capture payments from authorized orders automatically based off some simple settings. With this app you can perform the following:

  • Capture pre-authorized transactions when an order is moved to the shipped status manually
  • Automatically capture payment on orders moved to shipped in batch
  • Automatically capture payments for orders moved via the REST API by third-party apps
  • Automatically put orders on hold if the capture has failed

Once the app has been ordered, you will need to wait for our Support Team to notify you it has been installed. Once it has, you can begin using it.

For it to work properly, you will need the Authorize Only setting enabled for your online payment method within its Advanced Settings.

After, you can find the settings for the app by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Store Settings
  2. Click on the General Tab
  3. Click on the Edit Order Status link
  4. Scroll to the bottom below the list of order statuses to find the settings

Here, you will find the settings:

Capture orders moved to
This sets the order status that is used to trigger the batch capture action. This means that any order moved to this status will automatically have payments captured.

Move declined orders to
This indicates the status that declined orders are sent to in the event the capture fails.

VOID Auth Only Transaction Upon Order Cancelation
This will automatically void Authorize Only transactions if an order is cancelled.

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