FAQ: Removal of Paid Shift4Shop Plans


Shift4Shop is unique in the eCommerce industry for offering a free, unlimited plan scalable to Enterprise levels. We are in the process of phasing out all paid plans, leaving the End-to-End eCommerce plans as the only available option. This article will answer questions about the removal of our paid plans.

Can I still sign up for a paid plan?
No, only the free End-to-End eCommerce plan is available to new accounts.

I already have a Shift4Shop store using a paid plan. Will I be forced to switch to the End-to-End plan?
Merchants on legacy paid plans will be grandfathered in. At this point in time you will not be forced to switch to the End-to-End plan.

Since I’m on a paid plan now, can I switch to a different paid plan?
No. Only the End-to-End plan can be switched to at this time.

I’m an international merchant outside the US and the free plan is unavailable to me. What can I do?
At this time, we are not allowing international merchants to sign up. We will have plans to re-open registration for international merchants in the future. In the meantime, existing international merchants have been grandfathered in and can continue to use our services.

Why can’t international merchants use the free plan?
The free End-to-End eCommerce plan is powered by Shift4 payment processing which is currently only available in the US. As Shift4 expands availability to other countries, we will make the plan available to qualifying merchants.

I’m in the US but I’m not sure about the free plan. Do I lose anything by switching to it?
The free plan has everything from our Pro plan plus several bonuses including free Shift4Shop apps, and is scalable to any size of business. The only restriction is that you must use Shift4 for your payment processing, so you will not “lose” any features, but you must use the required payment processor.

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