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How do I integrate my store with Zapier?

Zapier is an automation service that will let you create "trigger & action" processes (called "Zaps") between two web applications. For example, a "trigger" could be an event like a new customer registering on your 3dcart store while an "action" would be having details of that customer's record posted to a different web application like SalesForce.

3dcart's integration with Zapier allows you to create triggers for certain events in your store like New Customer sign ups. In turn, Zapier has many apps that it integrates with in order to provide the actions that will take place on those apps when the trigger occurs. Here's how to get started:

From your Zapier Account

The 3dcart Zapier App is currently in Beta and will require a special link detailed below

  1. Go to the following URL to accept the 3dcart/Zapier invite
  2. Log into your Zapier Account after visiting the above URL
    (You may also create a zapier account if necessary)
  3. Click on the "Accept Invite & Build a Zap" button at the bottom of the page.

On the Next Page, you'll create your 3dcart Shopping Cart Zap

  1. Click on the "Create this Zap" button
  2. Select which trigger you would like to use.
  • Your choices are:
    • New Orders
      When a new order is placed on your store
    • New Customer
      When a new customer registers on your store
    • Order Status Change
      When the status of an order is changed.
  1. After selecting your choice, click on the "Save + Continue" button to proceed

At this point, you'll need to connect to your 3dcart Account.

  1. Click on the "Connect a New Account" button
  2. Enter your 3dcart store's SECURE URL in the provided field and click "Proceed"

You will be prompted to sign into your 3dcart Online Store Manager (if you're not logged in already). You will also be prompted to allow API access from Zapier to your store's customer, order and product tables. After allowing access, you'll be returned to your Zapier account where you'll be able to test the connection as needed.

By now, your Zapier Trigger is created. Next, you will need to create the "action" for the trigger. As mentioned, there are many apps available on Zapier - each with their own functionality - So continue with the creation steps in your Zapier account to complete creating your Zap!

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