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How can I add tabs to my products?

When using the HTML5 themes, you have the option of adding informational tabs on your product listings. These can be used for various purposes like adding an FAQ section to the product, sizing charts, additional details or any other type of informational display onto the product.

These tabs are dynamically added to the product when there is information present in the following facets of the product:

  • Product Description
    As you're viewing the product in your 3dcart Online Store Manager, click on the Information tab and scroll down to "Description" (just above keywords). Information enterd into0 the product's description section will appear as the first tab on the product display page
  • Product Reviews
    If you are using the Product Review module, and the product has approved reviews, then they will appear in the next tab of the product display. Note, this will also apply if you are using the 3rd party PowerReviews integration.
  • Product Questions & Answers
    If using the Product Q&A module, the questions and their resepctive answers will appear in the subsequent tag of the product display.
  • Extra Fields 6 through 13
    As you're viewing the product in your 3dcart Online Store Manager, click on the Information tab and scroll down past Description until you get to the +Custom Fields section. Clicking on the +Icon will expand this area to display 13 separate fields that can be used for additional product details. The first five fields will appear on the product page as bullet points. However, fields 6 through 13 will appear within their own respective tabs on the product display.

Additional Information
When using the custom fields, the tabs will appear (by default) as Field 6, Field 7, etc. Therefore, you'll likely want to relabel the fields to meet your needs. To update the field labels, continue with the following steps from the Online Store Manager.

  1. Use the left hand navigation menu, go to Settings ->Design ->Store Language
  2. Using the search field at the top of the page, search for "extrafield" (one word)

This will display all thirteen fields and their default labels, allowing you to change them as needed.

  1. Update the field labels as neede
  2. Click "Save" at the top right to commit your changes.

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