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How do I Add a Discount to the POS Order?

Add a Discount

By tapping on the order's action menu, you'll have the option of adding a discount to the order, adding a custom item, or adding special notes to the order. Here, we'll discuss adding a discount.

  1. With the order in progress, tap the action menu at the top right
  2. Then, tap on "Add a Discount"

A small pop up will appear in which you can select whether the discount will be a dollar amount or a percentage.

  1. Tap either the $ icon (for a dollar value discount), or tap the % icon for a percentage discount
  2. Enter the total of your discount using the iPad device's number pad
  3. Tap on apply discount to add it to the order

Additional Information
With the POS App, you may only add one discount at a time. To override the entered discount (in case you made a mistake), repeat steps 1 through 6 and enter the updated amount.

The same action can be taken to remove a discount. Just repeat the steps and enter 0 as the discountd amount to remove it from the order altogether.

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