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How do I set up the Payment Methods in the POS App?

Payment Methods

There are several Payment Method options available to the POS App. To review and enable them, tap the "Payment Methods" option in the menu where you will see the following options:

  • Cash
    For actual hard cash transactions.
  • PayPal
    Allows you to accept PayPal payments.
    Note: This method will require that you have the PayPal app also installed on your iPad device
  • Credit Card
    If you have USAePay, and/or Stripe on your store, these methods will be available to you in the POS App as well.
  • Check
    Lets you process the order via check payment
  • Store Credit
    This option will allow you to process an order with store credit

To the far right of each payment option, you will see a toggle switch allowing you to turn each option on or off as needed, with a simple tap.

Please note that 3dcart's POS app is hard coded to display prices using the $ symbol only.

Custom Methods

You can also add your own custom payment methods if needed. To do this:

  1. Tap the +Icon located at the top right of the Payment Methods screen
  2. Provide a name for the method
  3. Tap "Add Method" to have it listed on the page.

After creating the custom method, you may enable or disable it as needed.

To delete a custom method, swipe left on the custom method and tap the trash icon to remove it from the POS App.

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