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How do I control my SmarterMail's Spam Filters?

If you are using 3dcart's SmarterMail Service for your store's email, you may sometimes need to enable or otherwise configure your spam filtering settings.

The following information will show you how. Log into your SmarterMail Admin account and proceed with the following steps:

  1. Click on the "Domain Settings" button
  2. Next, click on "Spam Filtering"

You will see a page with three separate sections.

  • Options & Actions
  • Trusted Senders
  • Current Weights


The Options Tab will have the following settings available:

  • Override filter weights and actions for this domain.
    Select this option to further customize the way spam is handled for your domain.

3dcart provides default spam filtering settings for your SmarterMail account. However, these may not work for every specific domain or merchant situation. For example, some larger merchants may have a larger online "footprint" which produces more spam for their domain. Therefore, you may need to favor a more customized filtering of your domain's spam filtering.


When you override the default spam settings as listed above, you can then choose which actions are taken when emails come in that have low, medium or high probablities of being spam.

You can change the weights of probability for the three ranges of spam if needed. Also, for each level of spam, you can choose an action that will be taken on the message.

Your Action options for each level are:

  • No action
    Nothing is done to the message and it is delivered as normal
  • Delete Message
    Message is deleted from the the mailbox and not delivered
  • Move to Junk E-Mail Folder
    Message is moved to your SmarterMail's Junk E-Mail folder for later review.
  • Add Text to Subject
    An automatic prefix is attached to the message's Subject line

Adding text to the subject line is a great way to flag your email client's (Outlook, Thunderbird, Etc) built-in filtering and message rule option to further help filter unwanted mail.

Current Weights

Each type of spam checking system has an associated weight that is factored into the spam probability of an email message. When an email comes in, all of the checks listed in this section are run against the message. For each check that the message fails, its respective weight is added to the overall score of the email message. This factoring is used to determine whether the message falls into the Low, Medium or High probability ranges explained above.

By clicking on this tab in the SmarterMail Spam filter, you can assign your own weights to the various checking systems.

The current weights section is intended for advanced users. While you're welcome to change the weights to your liking, we recommend at least taking a screenshot of the various settings before you make any changes, just to be on the safe side. This way you have a reference that can be used to set those variables back if/when necessary.

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