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What is the Checkout Upsell Add-On?

3dcart offers an additional plugin called the Checkout Upsell Add-on. This feature is intended to allow merchants the ability of offering product specific upsell items (a.k.a "Accessories") after final checkout.

In other words, when shoppers purchase products which have their own configured upsell items (via the product's "Upsell" tab), and they proceed to the final checkout; a special upsell page will come up for them before the final "Thank You" page offering them additional items for purchase.

The Checkout Upsell add on will trigger when the shopper enables the "Save my Card of file" option during their initial checkout process.

If your shoppers do not choose to add the upsell items, they are simply then taken to the normal "Thank you" page and their order is processed as normal.

However, if the shoppers choose to add those offered items to their purchase, the cart software will then readjust the final order, shipping and tax calculation costs and charge their card the difference for the readjusted amounts.*

The readjustment of the order cost will require that you have Authorize Net's CIM module or any of the other token based CIM payment modules enabled and integrated onto your 3dcart store
(See requirements)

Also, please note that currently the Checkout Upsell items will not be applicable to order discounts via promotion. The promotion order discount will apply to the initial order, but any selected upsell items will be added to the order at non-discounted price.


To use the 3dcart Checkout Upsell feature, you will need the following:

  • A 3dcart powered shopping cart
  • Products with Upsell items configured via the Related Items Tab
  • One of the following, integrated token based Payment Modules. with their respective CIM or Token based modules enabled such as:
    • AuthorizeNet
    • 1st
    • ProPay
    • Go eMerchant
    • Paymentech Orbital Gateway
    • USA ePay
  • Checkout Upsell Add-on
    (The topic of this article, contact your Sales associate for details)

If you are interested in purchasing this add on, please contact our Sales department at 1-800-828-6650, option 1 for more information.

Setting up Upsell Items

After meeting the requirements and purchasing the Add-on, you will now need to make sure you have products with Upsell Items listed. If you need information on how to do this, please see our Related & Upsell Items KB article available by clicking here.

When configuring the upsell items, be sure to specify them using the "Up-selling" tab in the product's settings page. This plugin will not work with the regular "Related Items" option.

Customizing your Checkout Upsell page

The checkout upsell page will follow the same look and feel as the rest of your store. However there are still some sections where you'll be able to customize the wording and fine-tune the presentation of the page for your customers.

Titles & Content
When the plugin is added to your store, you will see a new listing in your 3dcart Online Store Manager's Titles & Content area which will allow you to edit the Upsell page's header and footer sections.

To get to this new page, navigate to Content ->Titles & Content, and click edit next to the "Checkout Upsell" section.

Store Language

The Upsell page itself will also contain some wording which you can also freely change via the Store Language section.
To get to this section, navigate to Settings ->Design ->Store Language and look for the "checkout4" sub-heading.

Use the search bar at the top to search for "checkout4" to make locating the area easier!

Within this sub-heading, you will see the following store language options for the add-on:

  • upsell-additem
    Controls the label next to the checkbox on the upsell page where shoppers can select the individual items
  • upsell-addtoorder
    Controls the label on the button which they would click to add the selected items to the order
  • upsell-checkadditionalitems
    Controls the labeling at the top of the Upsell page
  • upsell-nothanks
    Controls the labeling for the "No Thanks" button on the page

HTML Template

Advanced users will also be able to edit the HTML template available for this special upsell page. Use the "checkout_upsell.html" template to make your changes.

Checkout Upsell FAQs

The following are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding this add-on and its functionality:

How does the plugin work?

As described, the Checkout Upsell plugin requires the use of a CIM or Token Module based payment gateway. When your shoppers make a purchase they initially pay for that order on the final checkout screen; meaning that their card is authorized and charged at that moment for whatever products they purchased. Under normal circumstances, this would be the end of the order and it would be marked complete as usual.

However, with the checkout upsell feature enabled, if they purchased products with upsell items configured, an additional page will display before the final "Thank you" page, which contains your upsell products. If they opt out of the additional items, they are taken to the thank you page. On the other hand, if they do select additional items at this point, their initial order is re-opened, recalculated and their card is charged the difference using the payment gateway's CIM or token module. (thus why a token based payment gateway is needed)

Additional Information
In order to work properly, the upsell items offered to the shopper cannot have selectable options. This is because the items are simply added to the order without the possibility of selecting a variation of the item.

Secondly, the shopper must have a customer record account and must be logged into that account in order to use the checkout upsell. This is due to the basic functionality of the CIM/Tokenization on the store in which the token is based upon a customer record.

Why is the CIM/Token based payment gateway necessary?

Well due to PCI compliance standards, your 3dcart store cannot store any credit card information within its coding. All transactions are done via payment gateways and the individual charge transactions take place in real-time as the order is placed.

However, there are some payment gateways which will allow the storing of special tokens on the cart software which can be used to reference the credit card information at a later time. The tokens themselves are recognized and used strictly by the respective payment gateway and are used in situations where an additional transaction is applied to the card. Users of 3dcart's AutoShip/Recurring Orders program use already use these types of payment gateways in order to set up recurring orders on the same card.

In the case of the Checkout Upsell feature, the same basic logic is used to charge the card what is essentially a different amount than the original transaction. Hence the need for a token based payment system. As long as the CIM/Token module is enabled on your payment gateway account, (and is one of the payment gateways listed at the start of this article) you can use Checkout Upsell.

Please see the "Requirements" section of this article for the currently integrated Payment Gateways which support this option.

I have multiple payment options, what happens if my customer uses one that is not my CIM/Token based one?

Since the CIM/Token based payment is so integral to the use of the plugin, shoppers who select your other payment methods will not see the Checkout Upsell page before the Thank you page and therefore will not be able to add additional items after their initial purchase.

How many different Upsell products can be shown on the Checkout Upsell page?

Currently the limit is up to 999 items if applicable.

What if my shopper initially orders multiple products which share up sell items in their settings? Will the Upsell items be listed multiple times?

No. In situations where the upsell item could be potentially applied to multiple items in their intial order, the upsell item(s) will only be shown once.

Is there a way to globally assign Upsell items for this add on?

No. Currently the upsell items are cataloged from the accessories table on the each individual product. Therefore, upsell item products will need to be configured for each of your applicable products individually. However, with a CSV import you can assign the same Upsell item to mulitple items and make this process easier.

How much does the plugin cost?

Our prices change from time to time and our knowledge base would not be the best place to refer to for pricing information. However, our sales team will be available to answer any additional questions regarding pricing for this exciting feature.

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