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How do I use MailChimp's eCommerce 360 tracking with my 3dcart store?

The information in this article refers to an older integration with MailChimp which is in the process of being deprecated. For instructions on using the new and current version of 3dcart's Mailchimp integration, please click here.

As described in a previous article located here you can integrate your 3dcart Store with your MailChimp account via MailChimp's API. Aside from automatic synchronization of your mailing list to MailChimp, API integration allows you to use MailChimp's eCommerce 360 Tracking.

360 tracking is a feature on MailChimp's service which will actively track orders generated by your email campaign(s) and report them to you.

As part of the API integration with MailChimp, the tracking information from MailChimp is shared between your 3dcart store and your MailChimp account, thereby allowing the 360 tracking to record conversions. Enabling 360 tracking will be done directly from your MailChimp account. This article will describe the basic steps needed.

The following information will reference navigation and elements from your MailChimp account. Being as it is a 3rd party service however, we cannot anticipate if or when these steps may change. We will do our best to keep this article as up to date as possible, but please be aware that some of this information may change from time to time.

In the MailChimp interface, when creating or editing an existing Campaign; you will eventually arrive to the basic set up page

On that page, you will see an area labeled "Tracking" with various tracking options. Within this advanced options area, you should see a checkbox intended for 360 tracking. Marking this box will enable the 360 option for your campaign.

Your 3dcart store will then track all orders generated via the campaign and help you determine your MailChimp mailing effectiveness!

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