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How do I use MailChimp's eCommerce Segmentation feature with my 3dcart Store?

The information in this article refers to an older integration with MailChimp which is in the process of being deprecated. For instructions on using the new and current version of 3dcart's Mailchimp integration, please click here.

As described in a previous article located here you can integrate your 3dcart Store with your MailChimp account via MailChimp's API. Aside from automatic synchronization of your mailing list to MailChimp, API integration allows you to use MailChimp's eCommerce Segmentation function.

eCommerce Segmentation is a process by which you can take a particular mailing list on your MailChimp account and whittle it down further to concentrate on specific ranges of emails addresses. For example, create a segment of recipients who have purchased a certain amount from your store, or perhaps a range of recipients who purchased on a specific date, etc

As part of the API integration with MailChimp, the customer records from your 3dcart store are automatically exported to your specified list on your MailChimp account. Once there, the segmentation of the list will be done directly from your MailChimp account. This article will describe the basic steps needed.

The following information will reference navigation and elements from your MailChimp account. Being as it is a 3rd party service however, we cannot anticipate if or when these steps may change. We will do our best to keep this article as up to date as possible, but please be aware that some of this information may change from time to time.

  1. Log into your MailChimp Account
  2. Click on "Lists" at the top navigation
  3. Select your List and click on its name to open it
  4. Be sure to select "All Subscribers" to see your email contacts on that list
  5. While viewing the recipients on the list, you should see a "Segment" link along the top. Click it
  6. You will now be presented with various options with which to segment your mailing list*.
  7. Create your segment as needed

For full information on creating segments, please review MailChimp's documentation on the subject.

  1. Once you've created your segment, click on the "View Segment" button to see the narrowed down list.

There are many different segmentation options to choose from with parameters ranging from customer specific details like name, location, date added, etc - to order specific details such as amount spent, purchase date and purchased items.

For example, to create a segment for people who purchased an individual product:

  1. Begin creating your mail list segment
  2. Select "Product Purchased" from the menu
  3. Then click "View Products" to see the available products you can choose from.
  4. Select your product and click "Preview Segment" to see the narrowed down list.
  5. Then click "Save as Segment" to use this partial list for future mailings

Since the mailing list(s) are synchronized based on placed orders, the products available will be determined by the orders placed for those products. In other words, your mailing list will only contain a listing of products that have been actually been ordered.

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