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How do I set up the 3dupsell - Popup Feature on my Store?

With 3dcart's 3dUpsell feature, you can specify special promotion and upsell notifications which will display for your shoppers as they are visiting your store's pages.

These notification prompts can help you increase your sales by engaging your customers with special offers or additional items based upon settings which you specify. And with the various settings at your disposal, the 3dUpsell notifications can also be used to reduce your store's bounce rates and increase your overall conversions by triggerring during special situations on your site.

Some of the triggerring options available to you are:

  • Mouse Tracking: The 3dUpsell offer is displayed when the user's cursor leaves your page. This can be useful when someone is on your checkout pages and attempts to click away.
  • Time Based: The offer is initiated when the user has been on a page for a pre-set amount of time or set it to display the moment they get to the page.
  • Persistent Offers: Set offers that appear on specific or site wide pages

Currently the 3dUpsell feature will allow 3 different types of upsell notifications. These are:

  • Sliding Bar - Set a banner length bar that will display on your page in either the top, bottom, or sides of your pages.
  • Pop Up window - Set an offer that comes up as a regular pop up window on your page(s)
  • Page Peel - A special graphical instance where the top right hand corner of your page will slightly peel. When the user clicks on it, the peel reveals a larger portion of the offer.

If you'd like to learn more about 3dUpsell, please sign up for this new service by clicking here, or contact our Sales team right away!

Please note that the 3dUpsell Functions will NOT work when viewed on mobile platforms such as mobile phones or tablets.

For this Knowledge Base article, we will cover how to configure and use the 3dUpsell Popup option.

This is an additional service so before you can follow any of these settings, please be sure to order the service to have it enabled on your store.

  1. Log into your 3dcart Online Store Manager
  2. Using the left hand navigation menu, go to Modules.
  3. Use the search bar at the top and type in "3dUpsell"
  4. When the module appears, click on the "Change Settings" link located to the right of Popup Window

You will now see the 3dUpsell Popup Manager

  1. Look to the top right of the page and click on the "+Add" button
  2. Specify a Name* for your 3dUpsell Rule
  3. Specify a page on which the notification will appear
  4. Click on the "+Add" at the lower right of the section.

For the page name, you only need to specify the filename itself and not your whole http://www. domain URL.

While viewing your newly created 3dUpsell Rule, click on it's name or look to the far right and use its action wheel to select "edit"

From here you can configure your settings, design your banner and fine tune the advanced settings in order to tweak your Popup. The settings available to you are as follows:

  • Settings:
    These will be your general settings.
    • Rule Name
      As discussed earlier in step 3, this is simply the name of your 3dUpsell Rule
    • Page URL
      This will be the page of your site on which the upsell notification will appear on. You do not need to provide your entire page URL with the http:// and www prefixes, but rather just the page name itself. Furthermore, if you leave this field blank it will apply the display to ALL your pages. For the home page, simply enter a forward slash.
    • Popup URL
      This will be used to specify the location of your popup message if you are not creating one using WYSIWYG.
    • Popup URL dimensions -
      These two fields will be used to specify your popup window's size if needed. Please be sure to give some overflow when sizing to ensure your frame isn't clipped.
  • Popup HTML
    This is where you will use the built-in WYSIWYG mode to design your popup.
  • Advanced Configurations:
    These settings will further allow you to fine tune the upsell rule and display options.
    • Mouse Tracking 
      Enabling this checkbox will trigger the Pop up when the site visitor moves their mouse cursor away form the page. This can be used for situations where you'd like to have the store engage someone when they try to leave the page. (i.e. checkout pages - minimize abandoned carts)
    • Bar Timer
      Use this field to control how long it will take the Popup to come up after the page loads.If you plan to use the mouse trigger listed above, leave this setting as 0.
    • Min Page Count
      This will control how many page views will pass before the Popup will display. In other words, you can set it so that every 5 view_cart page calls contain the display. (Set to 0 to show always)
    • Views Counter
      This last option will be used if you'd like to have the Popup rule stop working after only a set number of viewings. (Set to 0 to show always)
    • Start & End Dates:
      Select this option if you'd like to have the 3dUpsell feature enabled for a specific time frame. Leaving these date ranges blank will display the feature at all times.
    • Order Amount Between:
      Select this option to configure order amount ranges for which you'd like the popup to appear.  For example, this can be used to incentivize users into purchasing more product for a qualifying promotion.
    • Referrer Contains:
      Add referrer information to the 3dUpsell Popup to display only for people that are first-time referred to the page from a specific location.  For example, in this field will display the popup for visitors directed to your site for the first time via Google links.

For our example here, we're using the Popup Window to announce a store wide sale which leads the shopper to a specific category listing of on sale items.

Other Uses

As stated, the Popup Window and all of the 3dUpsell functions are designed to use for upselling items on your store and oferring incentives to your customers to increase sales. However, the fact that you can apply it to whichever pages you'd like with whatever HTML content you'd like to use, there are many other possibilities at your disposal.

Here are just a few ideas to consider:

  • Use one of the 3dUpsell features to entice your customers into signing up for a newsletter campagin
  • Advertise upcoming sales and offer incentives for repeat visits
  • Advertise your affiliate program!
  • Or as in this case, entice customers to check out your Daily Deal!

If you'd like to try this exciting new feature, please click here to sign up or call our Sales team today!

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