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Can I have more than one domain name forward to my 3dcart store?

  • Issue
    Store owners would like to have multiple versions of their domain redirect to their 3dcart store.
  • Solution
    Use your alternate domain's registrar or DNS host to forward the domain.

3dcart merchants are limited to one domain per 3dcart account. Typically this is the domain name used when you sign up for service. While you are able to change your 3dcart domain name as needed, you are still limited to only one domain per account. However, there are ways of having your other domains resolve and forward to your 3dcart store's domain through domain forwarding.

This can be useful if you would like to have alternate versions of your domain direct visitors to your 3dcart store. In other words, let's say your 3dcart store is located at But, you also registered (with hyphens) on your own and you'd like to have visitors entering that URL still reach your 3dcart store. Perhaps, instead of hyphens, your alternate domain is .net or .org and you'd like to have visitors using those versions of the name reach your store.

Most domain registrars allow forwarding of one domain to another. Some services refer to the function as "forwarding" while others may refer to it as "Redirecting," but the concept is basically the same; forward domain-A to domain-B. So if you go to the registration service for your alternate domain (i.e. GoDaddy,, etc), you can use their forwarding method to have alternate domains resolve to your 3dcart store's domain.

It is important to note however, that this will act only as a forward to your 3dcart store's domain. Someone going to the alternate domain will be redirected to your 3dcart store's URL (typing domainA into the browser will direct and change the URL to reflect domainB). It will not let the alternate domains work as the store URL because - as mentioned - you are limited to only one domain per store.

When forwarding domains in this fashion, it is important to have both Canonical URLs and IP Canonicalization enabled for your 3dcart store for SEO purposes.

To configure these two settings, go to Marketing ->SEO Tools in your 3dcart Online Store Manager and place a mark in the following checkboxes:

  • Enable Canonical URLs
  • IP Canonicalization

More than likely these will already be marked, but if they are not, and you are forwarding a domain to your 3dcart store, it's important to have them enabled.

What about CNAMES, A Records, and Masked Forwarding?

Aside from forwarding the domain as mentioned above, there are alternate DNS management tools available that can achieve similar results. However, it is not recommended to use them due to limitations with how they would work with your store's domain. The best tool at your disposal would be forwarding the domain.

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