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There are several ways of accessing your email account. You can either access email by using the SmarterMail web interface, or you can use an email client such as Microsoft Outlook, or Thunderbird. If you choose to use an email client, you will need to configure it so that it knows what SMTP servers to use for sending messages and what POP servers to use for receiving them. This guide will show you how to set up the web interface email, email client, and the option of using an alias address.

Web Interface Setup

The welcome email you received when you first opened your account contains your login credentials for accessing your email. Once you retrieve this:

  1. Login to your email administrator. You can go to If your site is already live, then the address should be

  1. Select your theme, time zone and regional settings.

  1. And allow browser notifications

These initial steps to set timezone and allow notifications will only occur once during your first login to each mailbox.

  1. Click OK to proceed.

Some users may experience an issue logging into SmarterMail within a Chrome browser. The text from the Email Address and Password fields is immediately removed when the field no longer has focus or after clicking on the Login button. The fields show an error of: "This field is required."

The main cause of this issue appears to be due to the Grammarly extension on Chrome. If you are experiencing this issue, please read Smartermail's documentation on the matter which goes over ways of adding an exception to Grammarly to prevent this from happening.

You can read more here.

Creating Users

An email user is an email address @yourdomain. Email user accounts typically require a user [email protected] followed by a password for login. For all intents and purposes, an email user is its own mailbox account on your domain.

To create an Email User address:

  1. Click on the Domain Settings button.
  2. Then click on Accounts
  3. Click on New to set up a new user for the email account.

  1. Type in the new Username and password for this new user and click Save.

The username will determine the actual email address by making it [email protected] You do not need to specify your domain name in the Username field.

Upon saving the email account, you will be taken to its settings page where you can further configure the user acocunt. For example, you can make the user account an administrator account and change the mailbox size as needed.

  1. Modify the mailbox size limit to your needs – there is a limit of 500 MB per domain.
  2. Click Save.

  1. Repeat this process for as many users as you want on this email account.

Your email account will not work until the Domain is live (i.e. You have pointed the name servers of your domain to 3dCart.)

Forwarding Mailbox Messages

When setting up user accounts, you can also elect to have incoming messages to those mailboxed forward to another email address.

By setting this up, messages sent to the address @yourdomain will get received by the mailbox, and then passed along to the other email address you specify.

To set this up:

  1. Add the email address that you'd like to have messages forwarded to in the "Forwarding Address" section shown above.
  2. Set the Forward Method. Your options are:
    • Normal
      The message is simply passed along unchanged.
    • Text
      The message is stripped of images and HTML and sent simply as a text version of the email
    • Embed As Attachment
      The messages is embedded as an attachment file when forwarded
  3. Save your settings

You can also toggle the setting to delete messages when forwarded. This will remove the message from the email server once it's forwarded to the other email address and help free up your 500mb (per domain) mail storage space.

Creating Aliases

Additional Information
In the preceding section we describe how to forward email messages to another email address using the mailbox forwarding option. This next section will describe setting up Alias email addresses. Although they may seem similar to a mailbox forward, they are in fact different in the sense that a mailbox forward requires a mailbox User account and the messages can only be forwarded to one email address at a time. An alias, on the other hand, does not require a user account and can be set to forward to a list of multiple email addresses.

An email alias is an email address that forwards messages to a list of email addresses. For example, let's say you setup [email protected] as an alias. You can make it so that any email message that gets sent to [email protected], gets forwarded to a list of other email addresses, such as your personal email address and personal email addresses of anybody that is on your sales team. To create an Alias email address:

  1. Click on the Domain Settings button.
  2. Click on the Accounts menu
  3. Click on the Aliases tab
  4. Select New.

  1. Type in the name of the alias address in the Name field. For example: marketing for [email protected]
  2. Type in the email addresses you would like the messages forwarded to in the Email Address field.

  1. Click Save

Your Email Alias is set up. Add as many as you'd like.

Email Client Setup

To set up email access on an email client, you will need the email account's login information as well as the incoming and outgoing mail server information required to connect.

Below is a list of the more common email clients used today. Click on each link to see your particular email program's setup instructions.

Please note
The above links are provided as a courtesy and because these email clients are more commonly used for business email. As such, we are able to provide more step-by-step instructions and screenshots on the necessary settings with these programs.

If your particular email client is not listed, please refer to the program's manufacturer for exact support on how to create and configure email accounts.

In order to remain compliant with 3dcart's Secure Email Configuration, the basic set up will involve setting your incoming and outgoing mail servers to use an encrypted SSL connection, and the ports used for the mail servers will be as follow:

•Incoming POP3 Port: 995 (If using IMAP; Port 993)
•Outgoing SMTP Port: 465

Please understand that 3dcart support may not be able to provide navigation help on email clients not listed above.


Your email account will not work until the Domain is live (i.e. You have pointed the name servers of your domain to 3dCart).


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