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Email marketing is effective only if you can tap on the right pulse of the subscriber. You must adhere to the email marketing triad—that is, sending the right message to the right person at the right time. Now, just imagine you have to pick up individual subscribers, draft separate emails for them and then send them one by one. Tedious, right? That’s where email automation comes into picture.

It helps to send behavior-based emails triggered according to the subscriber activity, thereby enhancing the user engagement and conversions. It not only saves time; it also facilitates the creation of more targeted emails that perform better. Automated emails are sent in real-time to specific subscribers who meet some pre-defined criteria set in the email service provider, or ESP.

Before we delve deeper into the emails included in an automation workflow, let’s understand the factors that influence the performance of your automated emails.

  1. Customer journey
  2. The competence of your ESP
  3. Deliverability score
  4. Segmentation parameters
  5. Analysis of the subscriber activity
  6. Lead capture forms and landing pages

You ought to work on these parameters to ensure successful email automation workflow.

That said, we shall now move on to the different stages in email automation.

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