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How to Make Your Website ADA Compliant
Posted by [email protected] (Gonzalo Gil) on 12 February 2019 11:00 AM

When you start an eCommerce business, no matter how obscure your niche may be, you are trying to attract as many potential customers as possible. If you already have your own online store, you may believe that you are already doing everything you can to accomplish this. You may be sending targeted email blasts, or promoting yourself on websites aimed at the same demographic.  If this is working for you, then excellent! Keep at it!

However, you just might be neglecting a significant portion of that target audience without realizing it. Many people with physical disabilities use the internet, and not every website is properly equipped to accommodate them.

They face barriers in operating a computer and surfing the net, barriers that able-bodied web developers and site owners might not think to address. These difficulties may be keeping your store out of their reach — as well as the reach of their money.

Thankfully, there are many ways that you can bring down these barriers and make your store available to people with disabilities. You can get a little help in this endeavor from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the primary organization that governs standards for the internet. They provide extensive guidelines, which the US Department of Justice regularly cites, that you can follow to augment your website for greater accessibility.

Here is some information on how to make your website compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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Psychology Behind A Modern-Day UX Design Process
Posted by Nick Brown on 11 February 2019 11:00 AM

A good user experience design is there to attract more clients, and to keep the ones you have. Of course, this much easier said than done.

The problem is, you need to stand out. There are so many website designers, programmers, and web experts, that the work, creativity, and resources needed to stand out are significant to say the least. This means you need to implement every tool in your arsenal, as well as get some new ones. This is where understanding the psychology behind UX design comes in.

Now, many are not thrilled at this notion. After all, designing something is an art, while psychology is a science. Going from something quite artistic to a rather academic notion may not be attractive to a regular designer. Furthermore, some may see it as something clinical, almost dead and cold. The problem with this line of thought lies in the fact that literally any design choice, anything people enjoy, is based on psychology.

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Best Sites for Free Stock Photos
Posted by Alejandro Vasquez on 07 February 2019 11:00 AM

Your website needs images because they provide a number of benefits. For one, they are an excellent way to break up text, creating a stronger flow in your copy and making it more digestible.

For another, combining textual communication with visual communication improves the ability of your content to convey an idea. Plus, many people like being able to see a product before making a purchasing decision.

While eCommerce websites require images for these and other reasons, they may experience difficulty in finding ones that are pertinent, high-quality, and inexpensive. Companies that recognized this need developed an entire industry around creating “stock photos” and allowing others to use them for a price.

Simply taking images from them, or from other websites, without paying for licensing fees puts people at risk of a lawsuit. However, budget-conscious online store owners can also find plenty of resources that can provide them with first-rate stock images at no cost.

Here are some of the best websites with free stock images.

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Improve Visitor Experience with Sticky Website Navigation
Posted by Alejandro Vasquez on 29 January 2019 11:00 AM

Optimizing your eCommerce website is not just something to be done while creating the website. If you run an online store, you will inevitably have to make some changes to it. This is not limited to the time shortly after you open your site: you will be adding, adjusting, or eliminating features and elements for as long as you want the site to keep going.

At least, you should be doing this. The alternative is never making any changes to your site, but that puts you at risk of stagnation. A website may boast about utilizing the latest versions of the most modern technologies upon their launch. However, if that same website fails to update their software and evolve with the times, they may end up losing ground to fresher and more adaptable competitors.

With that said, these changes do not have to be sweeping in their scale to produce a sweeping effect. They may be so subtle that the majority of visitors will not even note anything different about your website. However, they may still have a significant and positive impact on the experiences your customers have, and there are ways to measure this impact (other than asking customers if they noticed anything different).

One such change you can try out with your eCommerce website is one you have almost certainly seen but may not have even noticed, let along given much thought about. Here is some information on the sticky menu, a feature that can aid greatly in website navigation.

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Why You Need a Graphic Designer for Your Dropshipping Business
Posted by Andres Aguerrevere on 25 January 2019 11:00 AM

Having a dropshipping business can become difficult if the company doesn’t look trustworthy since people will prefer to buy the product elsewhere or will decide to contact the company who makes the product directly.

This is a big problem most dropshipping companies face when trying to sell their products and while there are fixes they can do to create a brand that oozes confidence and trust, most of them require a professional in order for them to work.

A perfect example of this are graphic designers since they have the expertise to create images, banners, and other graphic media in order to make the brand look good.

The dropshipping industry relies heavily on their looks and what they can offer to the consumer in comparison to other industries out there; this is why they need to look their best and be as likable as possible.

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