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There has never been a better time for mobile eCommerce. You can now shop the latest UK fashions while sitting in the US, or order lunch via Uber Eats while stuck at the office. Mobile is increasingly the preferred touchpoint shoppers have with a retailer. At the same time, eCommerce companies are reaping major rewards on the mobile side. It’s a win-win.

If your eCommerce company offers a mobile app to customers, you’ve picked the perfect time to take advantage of this opportunity for your brand. But with thousands of eCommerce mobile apps vying for consumers’ attention, you need to stay one step ahead of your competitors and attract more users to install and engage with your app. In this competitive market, throwing darts at a wall and seeing what sticks won’t cut it. You need to build a mobile app strategy that gets results.

Let’s take a look at four key tactics that you can use to boost the growth of your eCommerce mobile app in 2019:

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Best Website Usability Testing Tools to Improve Your Website
Posted by [email protected] (Gonzalo Gil) on 19 March 2019 10:00 AM

The meaning of the term “website usability” seems fittingly obvious just from its name. It is the measure of the ease with which people can use your website. Less obvious is how one goes about measuring it.

In this article we'll provide more information on website usability, including why it is important and how you can test your own website for it.

What is Usability Testing?

Usability testing entails testing a website for how easily it can be used. This can involve checking a wide range of different factors, including but not limited to your sitemap, graphics, metadata, code grammar, and content. All of this is used to measure certain elements that can affect user experience (see the section “What Website Elements Impact Usability?” below).

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10 Growth Hacking Tips to Generate Leads with Mobile Marketing
Posted by Matthew J. Fritschle on 05 March 2019 11:00 AM

Mobile isn’t just the future; it has revolutionized business. Mobile devices are a key communication tool for most consumers in the US and growing numbers worldwide.”  - Neil Patel

Like marketing expert Neil Patel said, the mobile revolution has completely changed the face of business. Today, it’s all about smartphones and the mobility they give us as consumers.

To illustrate, mobile marketing statistics show that there are now more global mobile users than desktop users. 95% of Americans own some sort of cellphone, and 77% specifically own a smartphone. Additionally, 69% of consumers worldwide between the ages of 18 and 39 use mobile devices to research products before they buy. 44% use tablets.

In other words, you need to know how to handle mobile marketing if you plan on staying relevant in the years to come. Part of this means optimizing your website and online footprints so you can capture as many leads as possible and later convert them.

And because people behave differently on mobile than on desktop, your lead generation strategy needs some adjustments. You must make sure your mobile users have all the information they need to connect with you.

That’s why today, we’re covering 10 mobile marketing tips and ideas to generate more leads. Let’s get started.

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10 Content Writing Tips to Boost CRO
Posted by Syed Waqqas Mohsin on 22 February 2019 11:00 AM

Conversion rate optimization is highly dependent on different factors, one of which is the quality of content and the appeal of the overall text that you generate.

Being a content marketing specialist, it is one of the most important key performance indicators that you should know about. CRO refers to the practices that help in increasing the number of people who visit your website and fulfill the goals of your CRO strategy.

It can be greatly improved by focusing on the style, content type, and the value of information shared in the content.

In this article, we explain the best tips and techniques that will help you improve your content writing approach and hence improve your conversion rate optimization in return.

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Tips for Improving Your Website Loading Time
Posted by Ashley Lipman on 18 February 2019 09:00 AM

Now more than ever, your website needs to be fast.

If it takes even a few seconds to load properly, you might be losing important visitors. In fact, most customers or visitors won’t even wait up to two seconds for website content to properly load. That’s why your loading time is one of the most important things you need to focus on when building a website.

Not everyone has all of the patience in the world. If it takes too long for your page to load, your customers are more likely to jump to the competition without a second thought. A startling 79% of online shoppers, for example, said they won’t go back to a website that loads slowly. A slow-loading website simply seems unprofessional, and you don’t want that. Here are the best tips for improving your website loading time so you don’t risk your user experience.

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How Increasing Website Page Speed Impacts SEO and Conversions
Posted by [email protected] (Gonzalo Gil) on 01 February 2019 11:00 AM

After all the work you and your team have put into creating your website, you may believe that your online store is ready for business.

The site design is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand, and the page layouts leave little to no room for confusion. The content copy on the product pages is informative and engaging, and their SEO value is excellent. Navigating the website is simple, as is the process of placing an order.

However, you may still find yourself wondering: if all of these important aspects are fully optimized, why are my conversion rate and search engine rankings not improving?

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