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Do I Need an SSL Certificate for My Website, Blog, or eCommerce Store?
Posted by Alejandro Vasquez on 22 March 2019 10:00 AM

When trying to start their own eCommerce business, you will inevitably consider which features you will need for your website. Given that you are almost certainly on a budget, you will likely separate these tools between which ones you need and which ones you do not need but might like to have. The idea here is that you keep what you know you will need, get anything else you can, and save anything else you might like for later.

However, before making any firm decisions, you must know what exactly each feature does for your website and your customers. That may not always be clear, and you may even end up asking yourself questions such as, “Do I need an ecommerce SSL certificate?” The answer to that is a definite yes. Here is some information on why you need SSL for your website, blog, or eCommerce store.

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Types of eCommerce Business Models, Websites, and Platforms
Posted by [email protected] (Gonzalo Gil) on 21 March 2019 10:00 AM

There's no doubt that eCommerce has grown exponentially and continues to grow every year. Today, we've reached an age in which a business without a website is at a severe disadvantage. But you shouldn't look at an eCommerce website as something you simply "need" to have in order to survive (although you do). Instead, look at it as a vast opportunity for your business to reach a level of growth and success that wouldn't have been possible before the advent of the internet.

A lot goes into eCommerce. Business owners have already needed to deal with products, sourcing, accounting, and other considerations, but today you also need to think about software, social media, and other essentials of doing business on the internet. There are hundreds of solutions available, and this presents an overwhelming amount of choice that can leave the uninitiated feeling confused as to what is the best option for their business at any given time.

If you're thinking that eCommerce overall sounds complicated, you're right — but it's not impossible to understand, by any means, even if you're completely new to the idea of running a business online. Your education in the workings of eCommerce can start now, by understanding the numerous different aspects to an online business. Even if you're already a bit knowledgeable about eCommerce, this is a good place to shore up your expertise.

So, what do we mean by "different aspects of eCommerce?"

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If you're getting ready to launch a startup, you're probably experiencing a great many things. A huge rush of excitement, anticipation, and probably some stress and uncertainty. After all, 80% of small businesses fail, and the initial steps you take pre- and post-launch are crucial to your long-term success. All too often, making a mistake can lead to backtracking that most businesses just can't afford. Starting a business always involves tons of decision-making, and to make the best decisions you need to be as informed as possible.

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3dcart Version 9 Brings New eCommerce Features to Online Stores
Posted by [email protected] (Gonzalo Gil) on 13 February 2019 11:00 AM

Since eCommerce is a constantly evolving field, eCommerce software needs to keep evolving as well. To that end, we're happy to announce 3dcart Version 9, the latest upgrade to the 3dcart shopping cart platform and our first major software release for 2019.

This new update includes enhancements to many existing features, updates to current payment gateways, and several new features and payment processor integrations to further expand the options available to 3dcart merchants.

Version 9 also includes some exciting highlights that will make life easier for both you and your customers, including improvements to the 3dcart Online Store Manager admin dashboard, Google Address Autofill, and other quality-of-life adjustments.

Additionally, Version 9 introduces important upgrades to help protect your online store from being flagged as a spammer — plus, enhancements to the Promotions Manager to allow the creation of coupon codes that you can email directly to customers.

Let's go over the exciting upgrades included in 3dcart Version 9

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Best Zapier Integrations to Grow Your Online Store
Posted by Alejandro Vasquez on 17 January 2019 11:00 AM

New apps, services, and companies are constantly springing up in the world of eCommerce. Any company that does business online should always keep an eye out for the best ones on the market in order to stay fresh and competitive.

Updating your toolbox like this has the potential to make operating your shopping website far better and more efficient than before.

One example of these game-changing solutions is Zapier, a platform that gives online store owners the tools to create connections between the apps they use.

You can customize these connections, or “zaps”, to create cause-and-effect relationships. When something happens to one app — known as the Trigger — it makes one or more things happen on another app — known as the Action, or Actions.

Zapier has partnered with hundreds of apps, giving you the power to create countless combinations between them. These zaps include being able to connect the top eCommerce platforms — their partners include 3dcart, Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce — with many different apps, resulting in more automation for your website.

Learning more about what kinds of zaps you can make could enable you to handle all aspects of your eCommerce business with greater efficiency. Here are the top integrations that Zapier lets you make that can help you grow your online store.

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Top 20 Essential Features for Successful E-commerce Websites
Posted by Zahoor Bhat on 15 January 2019 11:00 AM

E-commerce business is growing faster than ever. It might surprise you how some e-commerce websites are barely surviving while others continue to make huge profits every day.

The best examples are e-commerce giants Amazon and eBay. According to Guardian, “Amazon posted a record profit of $2.5bn in the second quarter of 2018”. “While as eBay mentioned that its revenue increased 9% year-over-year (YoY) to $2.64 billion” Yahoo Finance reports.

Well, there is no special secret behind their success. They do things that everybody does but they do it differently. They focus on their fundamentals first such as user experience (UX), user interface (UI), fast and reliable hostingsecurity etc. and then they work on features which can make their website simple, quick, safe and visually appealing.

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