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Ecommerce Growth Statistics That Affect Your Business
Posted by Danish Wadwa on 04 June 2019 10:00 AM

For all businesses professionals, it’s necessary to be aware of the current market conditions. Many things are drastically disrupting the business arena, and one of those things is the rise of an eCommerce industry.

You must have heard of how Amazon is a threat to many businesses. Some of the top companies that went out of the market due to the rise of eCommerce are SEARS, American Apparel, Toys “R” Us, and so on. If you’re unaware of what’s going on in an eCommerce industry, your business might take a huge blow.

However, being aware and preparing for a change can help you reap a lot of benefits from changing trends in the eCommerce industry. In addition to being aware of the current growth statistics, using tools like HubSpot CRM  can help you understand your customers better.

Tools like this let you track your customers’ behavior and maintain a healthy relationship with them. You can enjoy the fantastic features of HubSpot for free and upgrade to a paid plan after the growth of your business.

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