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Improve Visitor Experience with Sticky Website Navigation
Posted by Alejandro Vasquez on 29 January 2019 11:00 AM

Optimizing your eCommerce website is not just something to be done while creating the website. If you run an online store, you will inevitably have to make some changes to it. This is not limited to the time shortly after you open your site: you will be adding, adjusting, or eliminating features and elements for as long as you want the site to keep going.

At least, you should be doing this. The alternative is never making any changes to your site, but that puts you at risk of stagnation. A website may boast about utilizing the latest versions of the most modern technologies upon their launch. However, if that same website fails to update their software and evolve with the times, they may end up losing ground to fresher and more adaptable competitors.

With that said, these changes do not have to be sweeping in their scale to produce a sweeping effect. They may be so subtle that the majority of visitors will not even note anything different about your website. However, they may still have a significant and positive impact on the experiences your customers have, and there are ways to measure this impact (other than asking customers if they noticed anything different).

One such change you can try out with your eCommerce website is one you have almost certainly seen but may not have even noticed, let along given much thought about. Here is some information on the sticky menu, a feature that can aid greatly in website navigation.

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