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Best Sites for Free Stock Photos
Posted by Alejandro Vasquez on 07 February 2019 11:00 AM

Your website needs images because they provide a number of benefits. For one, they are an excellent way to break up text, creating a stronger flow in your copy and making it more digestible.

For another, combining textual communication with visual communication improves the ability of your content to convey an idea. Plus, many people like being able to see a product before making a purchasing decision.

While eCommerce websites require images for these and other reasons, they may experience difficulty in finding ones that are pertinent, high-quality, and inexpensive. Companies that recognized this need developed an entire industry around creating “stock photos” and allowing others to use them for a price.

Simply taking images from them, or from other websites, without paying for licensing fees puts people at risk of a lawsuit. However, budget-conscious online store owners can also find plenty of resources that can provide them with first-rate stock images at no cost.

Here are some of the best websites with free stock images.

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