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Getting leads is one thing, but closing those leads is something entirely different. While it can feel great to have request after request come in for work, the only way you and your business can actually survive is if those requests turn into sales. Whether you’re the one pitching a project or responding to a customer’s need, the better your sales proposal, the better the chances are that you’ll get a “yes” at the end of the day.

While sales proposals were once bland and boring, today’s templates and software allow for tons of creativity and customization. And that’s a great thing when you’re wanting your pitch to stand out from the rest. But more than just design and aesthetics, the smartest online software for creating sales proposals actually integrates with your business’s current systems, making sure that creating proposals (and closing sales) is simple and streamlined. And that no work ever gets lost in the shuffle along the way.

If you’re still spending hours every week creating proposals to send out, then there’s a better way.

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