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How to Choose a Secure Username & the Best Username Generators Online
Posted by [email protected] (Jimmy Rodriguez) on 05 February 2021 11:00 AM

Usernames have become necessary, and even critical, in today’s digital world. Not only do usernames give you a unique identity online, but they create a level of security and confidentiality. And, in some cases, usernames actually become brands, as in the case of the hundreds of thousands of influencers found on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and more.

Regardless of why you need to create a username, whether for digital access to online banking or for a social media network, making sure you do it right is important. Too difficult to remember, and you’ll find yourself frustrated and constantly forgetting it. Too generic, and you risk blending in with the crowd — or having it be too easily guessed by potential hackers (or your kids). Your username can also be too revealing, providing others with more information about you than you might want them to know.

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