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Dropshipping - Is It A Viable Business Option?
Posted by Stuart Cooke on 28 December 2020 11:00 AM

With the eCommerce industry becoming increasingly popular over the last 20 years and certainly picking up traction in the last 10, dropshipping has become an exciting and innovative new way for people to run a business without the need to buy a load of stock and find a warehouse to store it in. In the earlier days of dropshipping some big-name brands became hugely successful. You’ve probably seen the viral picture of Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, sitting in his small, dark office as he tried to get his business off the ground — and now he is quite literally the richest man in the world!

Of course, this is a best-case scenario and unfortunately, not everyone can start a dropshipping business that will make them billions of dollars each year. In fact, as the popularity of this type of business continues to grow, some believe the market is becoming very saturated and it can actually be tricky to still make money in this way.

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