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Dropshipping offers a great opportunity for a new business owner, especially if you're working with a limited budget. Since you don't need to invest in inventory or pay for warehousing space to hold your stock, it's one of the most cost-effective ways to start a business. You focus on building and marketing your website, while your supplier handles fulfillment of the orders you forward to them.

Print-on-demand is a similar concept, geared toward custom apparel and accessories. Instead of ordering a large quantity of custom-printed products ahead of time, your supplier simply prints and ships the orders as they come in. Print-on-demand is a great way for an artist or designer to enter the market, and is also a great option for online merchandise sales for a band, team, or other organization.

Of course, even though you're not responsible for maintaining inventory yourself, these business models still come with some of the same challenges as other eCommerce ventures. One of the most significant is the choice of eCommerce platform, which has a strong effect on how easily you can build and run your website, as well as how much profit you can make — just like any other eCommerce business.

New entrepreneurs choose dropshipping because it's supposed to be inexpensive and easy. That's why we at 3dcart created our new Dropshipping plan.

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