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You’ve purchased a radio, but for some reason you just can’t get it to work. It’s still under warranty, so the logical thing to do is call the manufacturer.

After an hour on hold, listening to elevator music, you give up. You then decide to email the company but the email bounces.

As a last-ditch attempt you reach out via their Facebook page, only to be met with silence. Not even an automated acknowledgement of your message.

Infuriated, you vow to never, ever buy anything from this brand again.

You’d like to think that this isn’t a familiar scenario. However, there is a reason a company will be appreciated for excellent customer service: it’s not that easy to get it right. It’s not just about ‘the customer is always right’ because frankly, sometimes they just aren’t. But, that doesn’t mean that you should let your company's customer service slide.

Yes, there will be consumers that you can’t please, but more often than not, a little help and understanding is enough to get that 5-star customer service rating.

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