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7 Strategies for Fulfillment Companies to Beat the Average 30% Return Rate
Posted by Will Schneider on 26 February 2019 11:00 AM

In the ever-evolving and growing e-commerce industry (i.e., purchasing a product before you can touch it, try it on, test it out, etc.) returns are unavoidable--expected, even.

As traditional brick-and-mortar stores move operations to the world wide web at an astoundingly rapid rate, the online shopping habits of businesses and customers alike are taking shape before our eyes--namely, the perception of returns.

In a world where purchases can be made at the click of a mouse, lax return policies have become standard practice. While the one-click-cart may seem like a retailer’s dream, it’s becoming increasingly important to understand the implications of returns to your e-commerce business. Furthermore, to understand how to prevent unnecessary returns from even happening.

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