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6 Ways to Collect Email Subscribers for Your Ecommerce Store
Posted by Nina De la Cruz on 07 January 2019 11:00 AM

For most business niches including Ecommerce email marketing has won the title of the most efficient channel due to its impressive ROI of $44 per every dollar spent. And the privilege of delivering your message directly to the customers’ inbox comes with many advantages.

For example, you can apply personalization on a much deeper level than in paid search or social media. You also get to reach the mobile audience that is becoming more active at purchasing directly from their devices. And best of all, email marketing allows you to build long-lasting relations, whereas other channels often suggest just a single-time interaction between the brand and the customer.

That privilege comes with a challenge too. Because to start an email marketing campaign you first need to build an email list, and many entrepreneurs find this part quite challenging.

The average email signup rate varies between 1% and 3% depending on the niche. And whether we’re talking about thousands or hundreds of visitors per day, when you think about how many of them leave without subscribing – you realize how much money is being left on the table.

In this article, we’re sharing 6 easy tactics to build an email list, and we promise you’ll be able to replicate them even if you’ve just started your online business and have zero experience at collecting emails.

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