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Instant Message Marketing Tips to Skyrocket Your Sales
Posted by Jimmy Rodela on 05 May 2019 10:00 AM

“Instant message marketing” is a term you don’t often come across in digital marketing guides.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s in any way inferior compared to other marketing methods.

In fact, if you Google the phrase “instant messaging marketing” right now, you’d still get about 22.4 million results. This means marketers are still catching on to this fairly new frontier.

Compared to popular areas of online marketing like email marketing automation, instant messaging marketing is definitely not something every brand exploits.

That’s why it’s high time we sit down and talk about instant messaging as a selling tactic.

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Earth Day Marketing Tips from Environmentally-Friendly Businesses
Posted by [email protected] (Christianna Cannon) on 16 April 2019 10:00 AM

We're sure you're aware of 3dcart's passion for eCommerce, but you might not know how much we also love our Earth. Our office is located in South Florida right by the edge of the Everglades, and water birds are a common sight just outside our back door.

With surroundings like these, it's no wonder we have such an appreciation for our natural world — and whenever we get a chance to bring eCommerce and the environment together, we can't resist!

That's why we've reached out to environmentally-conscious online businesses to discuss their favorite marketing strategies.

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How to Use Social Data to Launch a Successful Marketing Campaign
Posted by Kate Khom on 15 April 2019 10:00 AM

Recently, the number of social media users from across the globe has reached 2.77 billion. The number is expected to exceed 3.02 billion by 2021, according to Statista:

Image credit: Statista

Taking into account both how fast these numbers are expected to grow and how enormous social media user bases have already become, it would be foolish not to start using these platforms for marketing as soon as possible.

However, no matter how beneficial social media can be for a business, it’s not all daisies and roses and beautiful pictures on Instagram. Developing marketing strategies for your social campaigns takes a lot of work, thorough market analysis, and social data mining.

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Why Content Marketing and eCommerce Are a Perfect Match
Posted by Jimmy Rodela on 10 April 2019 10:00 AM

I get it. You’re thinking twice about using content marketing to grow your ecommerce store because it often takes time before you start seeing sales and traffic come in.

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How Trade Show Marketing Can Help Improve Your SEO Results
Posted by Leslie Pierce on 08 April 2019 10:00 AM

At one time, search engine optimization (SEO) was all about playing to an algorithm. With tiny scraps of information from Google, marketers crafted broad-spanning but formulaic SEO strategies, hoping their sites would rank higher.

The world’s biggest search engine has evolved greatly since the days of simply appeasing an algorithm. While that’s still important, the Google of today is mostly concerned with encouraging a better user experience. That means the engine now favors websites that feature valuable content (not click-bait), mobile friendliness, fast load times and other user-pleasing features.

This is good news for quality-centric marketing teams, especially with regard to trade shows and event marketing.

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Everyone wants to be healthier. For some, it's about building the strength and stamina needed to excel in a favorite sport. For others, it's the desire to kick bad habits and create positive change that will boost self-esteem and overall well-being. Others search for a way to manage symptoms of a chronic condition, or otherwise improve their quality of life. There are thousands of possible motivators for a healthy lifestyle, and your own health and fitness goals can relate to any or all of them!

That's why the health industry is booming with innovative solutions to help people reach their health goals and mitigate the negatives of daily life. The market is huge and has space for everything from nutritional supplements to healthy snacks to specialty light-filtering eyeglasses and beyond. With the advent of eCommerce, it's become even easier for all types of health-based businesses to reach the customers who are looking for exactly what each brand can provide.

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