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What is FTP and how do I use it?


"FTP" stands for File Transfer Protocol and it is method by which files can be transferred from one host computer to another; over a TCP-based network like the Internet.

In Shift4Shop's case, FTP access is used to transfer your image files, design templates and other site specific files to and from your store's server.

How to use FTP

What you'll need:

  • An FTP Client
  • Your FTP login Credentials (Contact support if you do not have FTP login credentials)

To use FTP, the first thing you will need is an FTP client. This is a program that allows you to connect to a host server's FTP connection. There are many FTP programs to choose from and almost all of them are free of charge. However, when choosing an FTP client, please be sure to select one that allows for FTP over SSL (FTPS) as a a secure encryption option within its settings. The one we most often recommend is FileZilla.

FileZilla is free of charge and has versions available for both PC and Mac. Furthermore, FileZilla contains explicit settings which allows it to connect to our newer servers which require FTPS encryption to connect.

FileZilla may be downloaded here.

Connecting via FTP

To connect to your store's FTP, you will use the following connection details in your FTP program

  • Host: Listed as
  • Login/User & Password: This information can be provided by our support team

Most FTP programs are set up in the same method, so when configuring your client, you will also need the following information.

  • Protocol: Set this to SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol
  • Port: Set this to 22
  • Logon Type: Set to Normal

FTP folders

After you successfully connect to your site's FTP, you will see a series of folders. The majority of folders you'll need to be aware of are within the folder named "web." Here are the more common folder paths you should be aware of:

  • web/assets/images - This will contain all your product images and site files uploaded via the Online Store Manager's File manager.
  • web/assets/exports - This folder will contain a cache of your store's various CSV exports from the Online Store manager.
  • web/assets/templates - This folder will contain files pertaining to your installed theme templates. This folder will also contain the common template folder as described next.
  • web/assets/templates/common - this folder contains all of the original - untouched - template files for Shift4Shop stores. We specifically maintain this folder so you do not have access to write to it, but you can copy templates from it and place them onto your individual theme folder. (i.e. web/assets/templates/v30014 if you are using that particular theme)

Please keep in mind, you can use any FTP client you prefer as long as they support the protocols and settings outlined above. Due to the large number of FTP clients, and the varying settings across them, our Support Team is not able to cover every possible program. We recommend the use of FileZilla because it is free to use and works with our encryption. We have a guide on it here.

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