How do I Export/Import My Store's Order Information?


By going to your Orders >Manage Orders section and clicking on the "Export/Import" button at the top right, you will see your store's Order Export options.

Exporting Orders

You can export all your store's with several provided filters for your needs. Your order export filtering options include:

  • Distributor
    Create an Export of orders based on items from specific distributors
  • Date Range
    Create an Export of orders based on a specific timeframe/date range for the order.
  • Order Status
    Create an Export of orders based on the status queue the order resides in.
  • Include Order Items
    This checkbox is marked by default and will include order items in the export file.

Additional Information
When including items, please be aware that the you will have a row in the CSV file for each individual item ordered. In other words, if order AB-1002 on your store was for 5 items, the CSV file will display the order in 5 rows, one for each item. The columns used for the item listings will be itemid and itemname.

Then, within each row you will see how many units of the items were in the orders. Again, using our 5 item example, if one of the ordered items had 3 units purchased, this will be represented in the numitems column.

You can also create your own custom set of order exports which only include the columns you wish to have in the CSV file. This process is identical to creating a custom export of your products which is described in the article located here.

Exporting Checkout Questions

If you are using your store's Checkout Questions functionality, you can use the Orders Export/Import section to export the submitted answers to those questions. This export can be filtered by Date Range as well.

Additional Information
You can also perform a scheduled export of these two options as needed.

Importing Tracking Numbers

In the Import section of this page, you will have the ability to import tracking numbers for the orders after you've generated their shipping labels.

The action of importing tracking numbers to the orders in this page will automatically set the order's status to Shipped.

Additional Information
The actual import/export process takes place "behind the scenes" of your store's software to prevent it from interfering with your store's active processes. By allowing the function to work in the background, you can go to other pages of the admin and still work on your store while importing or exporting large files.

During the process, you will be taken to the Import/Export Status page which will display a grid layout of your recent imports and exports. The progress column will show you the progress of the import.

At the far right of each grid item will be an action wheel that contains the following options:

  • Download: Allows you to download the CSV file after a successful import/export
  • Notify Me: For larger, more time consuming files; this option will let you input your email address so that you will receive a notice once the import/export is complete.
  • View Log: Allows you to review the log of the import/export so you can see how many items were updated, inserted or if any records failed.
  • Cancel: Allows you to cancel an impending import/export
  • Retry: If for some reason the import/export fails, you may use this option to attempt a retry of the file.
  • Delete: Use this to delete the record altogether from the status page.

This will be present in all of the store's Export/Import functions.

Please make sure your store's secure URL is pointing to your Shift4Shop store.

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