Can I create Checkout Questions for my Store?


Yes! Shift4Shop allows you to create any checkout questions to ask the customer during the checkout process. These questions can either be required or not required to be answered before the customer completes the checkout process.

To do this, please use the following steps:

To view the Checkout Questions options, please be sure to enable the "Settings: Advanced General Settings - Checkout Questions Module" module in your online store manager's Modules page.

Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager and, using the left hand navigation:

  1. Go to Settings >General >Checkout Questions
  2. Click "+Add New" at the top right had side of the screen
  3. Specify the details of your question with the settings provided.

Here's a brief explanation of each setting in the Checkout Questions Setup page

  • Question Type
    How the question answer options will be presented to the shopper. Your choices are:
    • Dropdown
      Answer selections will be in a selectable drop down menu.
      Only one answer may be selected at a time.
    • Radio Button
      Answer selections will be presented as radio buttons
      Only one answer may be selected at a time.
    • Checkbox
      Asks the question and provides a simple checkbox to indicate agreement to the question.
      No answer options are needed for checkbox question since the answer will be either "yes" (checked) or "no" (unchecked)
    • Text
      Answer will be provided by the shopper in an open text field.
    • Text Area
      Same as text area, but allows for larger area of text
  • Customer Group
    To be used if you would like the question to be asked at checkout, but only for certain customers.
    Set to "All" to have the question asked to ALL customers (including those in special pricing groups) or set to "None" if you'd like the question to only be asked of your regular, retail customers (i.e. Those not belonging to any special pricing group at all.)
  • Required
    Mark this checkbox if you would like to make it mandatory for the question to be answered before proceeding with checkout.
  • Question
    The actual question being asked.
    For example, "Hey, how'd you hear about us?"
  • Checkout Step
    The step in the checkout process where the question will be asked.
    Note: if using single page checkout, select "Step 1" for this option.
  • Sorting
    If setting up multiple questions, this will control the display order for this question.
    Note: Higher numbers will be displayed after lower numbers.
  • Options
    The available answer selection options with each possible selection separated by a comma.
    For example "Google,a Friend,Marketing Email,Online Advertisement"
  • Categories (Optional)
    Here you can select a category (or categories) from your store that - when products from the category are being purchased - will prompt the question to be asked during checkout.
  1. After configuring your question, click "Save" to complete the addition
  2. Repeat for any additional questions you might want to add.

Some common examples

We often get requests on how to set up specific types of questions. Here are a the two most common examples to help you along the way.

Setting an "other" option

In some cases, you may want to add "other" as a selection and then allow the shopper to specify what they mean. Let's use the "How'd you hear about us?" example from above.

First, set up the main question and provide the selectable answers like this:

  • Question
    "How did you find our site?"
  • Options
    "google search,bing search,online advertisement,marketing email,a friend told me about it,other"

The question type you select (dropdown, radio, etc) doesn't really matter and you can decide for yourself whether the question should be mandatory (required) or if it applies to a specific customer group. Just remember to make the last selectable answer option "Other" or something similar.

Next, create a second question like this:

  • Question
    "if other, please explain below"
  • Options
    [leave blank]

In this case, we'll be leaving the answer options completely blank since we're letting the shopper fill it out. As with the previous questions, the requirements and customer group are up to your discretion. However, for question type, be sure to select either the "Text" or "Text Box" option. This way, the shopper will have the area in which to explain their answer if they select "other"

Setting up a single answer and mandatory question

In some cases, you may have a question that only requires a single answer that absolutely has to be answered before the shopper can checkout. For example, "Do you agree to [insert applicable condition]?" and then a single checkbox for them to signify that they agree to the condition.

This can be done by providing no answer option, like this:

  • Question
    "Do you agree to use these products only for the common good of humanity and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands?"
  • Options
    "[leave blank]"

Again, leave the answer option completely blank. Then, use the checkbox question type, and mark the question's "Required" checkbox. This way, the shopper will have no choice but to select the checkbox before they are allowed to proceed.

The above will only work if the Question Type being used is checkbox. It is not recommended to use radio or drop down for this type of question.

Exporting Answered Questions

As merchant, you will have the ability to export all of your answered checkout questions using the store's Order Exports screen. Click here for more details.


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