How do I set up my store's eBay Listing Templates?


eBay Listing Templates

By now, you should have your Shift4Shop store connected to the eBay API (Sandbox or Production) and your basic settings configured.

The next portion of the process involves setting up your eBay product's listing template which is a set of variables that will be used by the eBay listing. During this process, you will configure a series of settings that allow you to control how the product will be viewed on the eBay site, the purchasing and shipping options it uses and several other factors. When designating products to be included on eBay, you will use the created template to display it on eBay's pages.

Some of the configurable items on the eBay Listing Template include:

  • The eBay Website on which you plan to host the item such as:
    • Australia eBay
    • English Canada eBay
    • U.K. eBay
    • U.S. eBay
    • eBay Motors
  • The category/navigation on the eBay site that the product will be found in
  • The duration of the listing
  • Item Specifics
  • Purchase options such as:
    • Buy Now
    • Auction
  • Payment Options
  • Shipping Calculations and restrictions for the item
  • Item conditions and Return policies
  • and more

For the purposes of this article, we will outline the basic settings used when creating one eBay Listing Template. For your store however, you will likely need to create several eBay Listing Templates. For example, one listing may be for items you wish to make available for Auction pricing only and another listing will be needed for Buy Now pricing. Or perhaps you will create one eBay Listing Template for refurbished condition items, one for eBay Motors items, etc.

You may create as many eBay Listing templates as needed for your purposes.

To begin creating an eBay listing template, follow these steps.

From your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager:

  1. Use the left hand navigation menu and go to Modules
  2. Use the search bar at the top and search for "eBay" to locate and view the module.
  3. Click on the "Listing Templates" link
  4. Click "+ Add New" at the top right of the page to begin creating a new eBay Listing template.
  5. Name your template (this will be a name that is easily referenced for when you assign it to individual products)
  6. Select the eBay Web Site that the product listing will be used on


General Tab

When selecting the eBay web site to use for the template, some additional settings will appear below the name and web site selectors. These settings are:

  • Hide the bidder's user id on list
    Marking the "Yes" checkbox will hide bidder usernames from being listed on the item when bids are placed.
  • Make this the default template
    Select this checkbox if you'd like to make this the default template selection for all of your products when it comes time to list them.

Below these two checkboxes, you will see a section where you can set the eBay categories where your products (using this listing) can be found.

  • Primary eBay Category
    Click the "Change" link to specify the primary eBay Category taxonomy that the products using this template will use. 
    This will help eBay users find your products easier.
  • Secondary eBay Category
    (optional) Click the "Change" link to specify the secondary eBay Category taxonomy that the products using this template will use.
    (If using eBay Motors, only the primary eBay category will be allowed.)

Additional Information
When selecting the categories, you will see the categories and sub-categories listed in red. Clicking on each red category will open up its sub-category structure and so on until you see the final category listed in blue. This category (in blue) is known as the Leaf category.

Be sure to click all the way through and select the leaf category for your selection. 

  • Use eBay variations
    This setting will only come up for certain eBay categories and it will affect the way products with Advanced Options are listed on eBay.
    • If marked "Yes" then the product will be listed as one product with each advanced option related to a variation on eBay
    • If not marked, each advanced option will be listed as its own individual product on eBay.
  • Product Identifier
    Most new and manufacturer refurbished items will have unique product identifiers assigned to them. Selecting the Product Identifier that eBay uses for products using this template will help boost the product's visibility.
    Your choices here are:
    • GTIN
      The Global Trade Item Number of the products
    • MPN
      Manufacturer Part Numbers of the products
    • Does not apply
      If the products do not have any known identifiers, select this option.
  • Listing Duration
    Select the number of days the listing will be active on eBay.
  • Measurement System (Only if listing on or
    Select whether product measurements will reflect Metric or Standard measurement units.

After setting and selecting the above configuration option, you will be done with the general settings of the listing template. You should also see a series of tabs at the top of the page for Specifics, Pricing, Payment, etc.

Next we'll describe these tabs and the settings found within them.

Specifics Tab

This tab will contain a series of item specifics and variantions that you can select for the eBay listing.

If the Specifics Tab is blank, there's no need to worry. It just means that the particular eBay category that you selected does not have or need variants specified for listing on eBay.

The Specifics Tab will be split into two halves. At the top you will set Item Specifics and at the bototm you will set Variations.

Item Specifics will usually be things like Brand and country of manufacturer.

For Specifics, your selection choices will be either specifics from eBay or those present on the product in your Shift4Shop store from the various custom fields.

Variations will typically be things like options and features of the item.

For Variations, your selection choices will be either variants directly from eBay or those present on the product in your Shift4Shop store from your store's product option tables.

Note that the Shift4Shop store variations will be based on options set for all products on your store - meaning that all of your store's option sets will be listed when selecting variations from your Shift4Shop store. In other words, if you have some products that use color option sets as well as other products that use size option sets, they will all be listed in the "Use Cart" set of variations.

When it comes time to list the actual items however, you will have the ability to specify which option sets are used for the product.

If you plan on using Specifics and Variants for the listing, please be aware of the following requirements and restrictions

  • Auction Pricing is not possible with Variants and Specifics - Only "Buy it Now" pricing will be possible
  • If Shift4Shop Specifics are used, they will also need to be listed as "Advanced Options" on the individual product level.
    • The advanced options will require that a code be specified in its Advanced Options settings as well.
  • Some specifications are strictly enforced by eBay - depending on the category chosen for the template. These will be labeled as such with a note specifying "eBay's option enforced"
    • You can still use your store's options for these enforced variants, but they will need to be namedidentical to eBay's naming of the variation.

Pricing Tab

The Pricing Tab will let you set how the template will list pricing for its assigned items when listing them on eBay.

The drop down labeled "Select the pricing method" will let you select whether products using this template will be available for "Auction" or "Buy it Now" purchase.


The following configuration options will be listed when selecting the "Auction" method.

  • Starting Price
    These settings are available to set the Starting Bid price on items using this template.
  • Reserve Price
    Settings in this section are available to set the bidding's Reserve price which is a minimum bid amount you can designate on products using this template. If the item's reserve is not met during bidding, the seller is under no obligation to sell the item. Buyers will not see the reserve price. Rather, they will see if/when the reserve is met.
  • Buy it Now Price
    As part of the Auction pricing method, you can also designate "Buy it Now" pricing options which allow eBay users to purchase the item outright instead of bidding on it.

Each of the pricing methods listed above will have the following options available:

  • Same Price
    This will set the product's price to the same as the product's current pricing on your Shift4Shop store (at the time of listing).
    If the item is on sale, it will be listed with the sale price.  However, this does not update the price back and forth if a price change is made on your store
  • Product Price
    The product's current price on your Shift4Shop store with variables (plus or minus) a specific amount or percent.
  • Product Cost
    The product's current cost on your Shift4Shop store with variables (plus or minus) a specific amount or percent.
  • This Price
    Use this to designate a specific price.

For Auction Pricing, Starting Pricing is required. Reserve Price and Buy it Now pricing are optional.

Please also be aware that the Starting price must be lower than the Reserve Price. Furthermore, the Buy it Now price must be at least 30% over your starting price.

Buy it Now:

The Buy it Now pricing method is available if you'd like to have the eBay product listing available for only direct purchase instead of bidding/auction. The settings for this method are the same as listed for the "Buy it Now option under Auction.

If you have configured this template with variants or product specifics selected (in the "Specifics" tab) you will need to use only "Buy It Now" pricing as Auction Pricing is not available.

Payment Tab

This Payment tab will let you specify which payment methods will be available to the eBay user when bidding on or purchasing your item

Payment Methods
Pleace a mark in each method you'd like to use on the product listing.

  • PayPal
  • ProPay
  • Moneybookers
  • Visa or Master Card
  • Discover Card
  • American Express

For PayPal, Simply specify your PayPal email address to have payment posted to your PayPal account.

The checkbox to the right of the email field can be checked if you would like to have the buyer pay for the order immediately or if you'd like to charge them only after winning the bid.

Payment Description
Here you can enter a description of your Payment Methods or details for eBay users as to how payment/ordering will be handled.

Additional Information
In regards to charging Tax on orders, please be aware that the tax rules will be set on the eBay account's side of the equation using eBay's tax tables.

More information on using their tax tables can be found by clicking here.

Shipping Tab

Use the Shipping tab to specify your shipping options for the eBay listing of products using this template.

First, at the top of the page you will have these options:

  • Handling Time
    Select your average order handling time. 
    This information will be factored into the eBay listing's order delivery estimates.
  • Don't Ship To
    This checkbox is used to designate locations that you do NOT wish to ship to. When marking the checkbox, you will be given the options of selecting regions and individual locations within those regions which your listing will not ship to. If the eBay purchaser has a primary shipping address to any of the selected locations, eBay will block the sale.

Next you will have your Domestic Shipping Options:

  • Domestic Shipping
    Select your Domestic Shipping calculation methods.
    • Flat - same cost to all buyers
      Using this method you can select various shipping methods that will be used for the order and specify a flat rate for each - regardless of where the domestic destination is.
    • Calculated - Cost Varies by Buyer Location: Using this method, you can select services that will be used and the shipping calculation will be handled by eBay depending on where the domestic destination is.
      • Package Type
        When selecting a calculated shipping cost, an additional drop down mindow will appear beneath your "Handling time" option above. Use this to select the type of packaging the order will use when calculated by eBay. For example, Large Envelope, Package, Large Package, etc.
  • Handling Cost
    Enter your domestic handling costs. This field is an eBay requirement.

Please be aware of the shipping limitations and requirements for the selected shipping carrier since this information will be applied to the product. For example, USPS First Class Package has a weight limit of 13oz, and your product dimensions - when using this template - must fall within this range.

  • International Shipping
    If you are willing to accept international orders, select the method you would like to use for product using this template.
    • No International Shipping
      Disables orders to International Addresses.
    • eBay's Global Shipping Program
      Calculation is done by eBay using their international methods
    • Flat - same cost to all buyers
      Using this method you can select various shipping methods that will be used for the order and specify a flat rate for each - regardless of where the international destination is.
    • Calculated - Cost Varies by Buyer Location
      Using this method, shipping calculation will be handled by eBay depending on where the international destination is.

For these last two International Methods, you will need to specify either Worldwide locations or a specific area.

  • Handling Cost
    If setting up for International Shipping, you will also have the field where you will need to enter your international shipping handling costs. This field is an eBay requirement.

Other Tab

In the Other Tab, you will have the ability to specify additional settings for the eBay product listing(s).

Item Condition
Set the condition of the items you will be listing with this template. Your choices are:

  • New
    Items are brand new in original packaging.
  • New other (See details)
    Items are new with other conditional specifications. 
    The details of which can be included in the text box below this section.
  • Manufacturer Refurbished
    Items have been refurbished or repaired by their respective manufacturers.
  • Seller Refurbished
    Items have been refurbished or repoaried by the merchant selling the items.
  • Used
    Items are being sold in used condition.
  • For parts or not working
    Items are not functional and only being sold for spare parts or other details.

As mentioned above, the area beneath the item condition area is an open text box in which details of the product's condition can be listed and displayed.

Return Policy
Specify your eBay seller return policy. Your choices are:

  • Returns accepted
    You are willing to accept returns and exchanges
    If selected, you will then have the following options to configure for returns:
    • Return Period
      • 14 Days
      • 30 Days
      • 60 Days
    • Refund details
      • Money Back
      • Money Back or Replacement (Buyer's Choice)
      • Money Back or Exchange (Buyer's Choice)
    • Return Shipping Paid by
      • Buyer
      • Seller
    • Restocking Fees
      • No
      • 10%
      • 15%
      • 20%
    • Additional Return Policy Details
      • Open Text box for additional details as needed.
        eBay will require that your Additional Return Policy Details match information on your listing description for the template.
  • No returns accepted
    All sales are final and no returns or exchanges will be honored

Block Buyers Who
This last section allows you to block buyers who meet certain ineligibility requirements. Your options here are:

  • Don't have a PayPal Account
    Check this box to prevent non-PayPal account holders from bidding or purchasing the eBay listed item(s) using this template:
  • Have received [x] unpaid item case(s) within [y] month(s)
    Use the provided drop down menus to set your variables.
  • Have [x] policy violation report(s) within [y]
    Use the provided drop down menus to set your variables.
  • Have a feedback score equal to or lower than [x]
    Use the provided drop down menus to set your variable.
  • Have bid on or bought my items within the last 10 days and met my limit of [x]
    Use the provided drop down menus to set your variable.
  • Only apply this block to buyers who have a feedback score equal to or lower than [x]
    Use the provided drop down menus to set your variable.

Listing Enhancement Tab

This Listing Enhancement tab will allow you to enhance the eBay listing product by allowing you to select the following options:

  • Use Sub-Title
    Include the item's short description on the listing (Short description must be up to 53 characters.)
  • BoldTitle
    Take the title of the page (product name) and display it in Bold text.

These enahancements will incur additional fees from eBay.

Once you are done with your Listing Template Settings, click "Save" at the top right to store the information. If there are any missing parameters, the store will warn you of what may be missing, so you can correct it and save the template fully.

Now that your Listing Template Variables are set, the next steps in our process will be to select individual items for listing on eBay.

You may have a wide range of products that are present in many different categories, or perhaps you'd like to have different pricing and purchasing schemes for similar items. Therefore, you can create as many templates as you'd like or need for your store. For the purposes of this tutorial however, we'll just create the one template and proceed with the next steps.

Now that your Listing Template Variables are set, you can proceed to our next Article where we will discuss listing your items on eBay followed by additional articles on managing your eBay generated orders.

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