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What is Market Research?
Posted by Jessica Grioua on 13 April 2020 10:00 AM

Market research is a crucial point in a business’s journey, whether you’re just starting or you’ve been open for years. Without it, you’ll be essentially going in blind in terms of marketing efforts, product development, customer service, and even business operations as a whole. But what exactly is market research, and how can you conduct your own to gain valuable data-driven insights? Let’s find out.

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Tips from eCommerce Retailers to Staying in Business During the Pandemic
Posted by Jessica Grioua on 09 April 2020 10:00 AM

Life inside the novel coronavirus pandemic is full of uncertainty, from our health to our economy. As more states and countries declare stay at home orders, and many employees lose their jobs, it's become difficult to predict how business owners can navigate the ongoing pandemic.

While we all move towards staying in isolation at home, eCommerce businesses have a unique opportunity to supplement peoples' lives and support them with the products and services we need every single day. And small business assistance programs are making it easier for new businesses to launch into ecommerce.

But, staying afloat as an online business is no simple task; revenues are taking a downturn for almost every business, whether they're eCommerce or brick-and-mortar retail. To gauge the situation at hand and gain some helpful guidance within our community, we asked a variety of eCommerce retailers what their tips are for staying in business during this pandemic

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The novel coronavirus has created a serious health problem for the entire world and for the economy, with many small businesses caught in the crossfire.

In addition to peoples' lives, businesses large and small are also becoming a victim of this global pandemic. Thankfully, there are resources for help and assistance via debt relief grants, loans, and even nonprofit and private funding options.

While approximately 30 million American small businesses are facing some serious uphill battles in the days and months to come, help is available. Read on to learn more about how your small business can find relief through various government and private programs.

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10 Best Accounting Tools for Your Business in 2020
Posted by Zara Walker on 23 March 2020 10:00 AM

Let’s face it; accounting is never the most exciting part of running a business unless, of course, you’re a trained accountant or enjoy playing about with numbers. From tracking your expenses and income to calculating your business taxes and employees’ salaries, there are plenty of reasons why most business owners find accounting tasks boring.

Unfortunately, it’s practically impossible to succeed in entrepreneurship if you cannot manage your business finances properly. What this means is that you need to figure out ways to get it right, whether that entails outsourcing the task to experts or using online tools to automate most of the processes involved.

Here, we’ll show you the top 10 useful accounting software that will help you streamline your small business’s financial side of things.

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How to Successfully Manage Projects in an Online Business
Posted by Petar Dordevic on 16 March 2020 10:00 AM

As a project manager, you will face a lot of challenges in your career. Especially when you are running an online startup, there will come a time when your business grows to the point where things seem like they might start falling apart. You will be facing multiple project timelines that you need to align and accomplish. There will be resources that you need to handle, as well as budgeting needs that need to be met.

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While you’ll occasionally meet a business or business owner that is perfectly content with zero percent growth, embracing a “why rock the boat” kind of attitude, almost everyone else will be scrambling to find ways to grow quickly and sustainably. After all, growth is the key to continued success in all areas of life – especially business.

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