How do I list my items on eBay?


Listing Products on eBay

By now, you should have API Access to eBay, your store's Global eBay Settings configured and at least one eBay Listing Template created. The next step in the process is to list your desired items on eBay.

To list your products, please use the following steps.

From your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager

  1. Use the left hand navigation menu and go to Products >Product List
  2. Locate the product that you'd like to list and click on its thumnbail, ID or name to open it up

If you have a large store, you can use the search bar (and its Advanced button) at the top to search for specific products, categories, and/or manufacturer/distributors

  1. In the product's "Information" tab, scroll down to the new "eBay Listing" section located right above the Extended Description
  2. Click on the button labeled "List on eBay" to proceed.
    (Note: You can also use the Batch action menu from the Product List to select multiple items and select List on eBay)

Additional Information
In the eBay Listing section, you will see a section labeled "Active Listings" along with a numbered link which will take you to the eBay Listing manager (filtered automatically) for the product if it is already listed.

You will also see a drop down for the "HTML Listing template" used for the product's eBay listing.

This HTML listing template is not to be confused with the eBay listing template created in the previous portion of this article. That particular "template" contains the variables that your store will use for the product listing's buying options on eBay like starting bid price, category, shipping methods, etc.

The HTML Listing template located in the dropdown menu here is for the Style and display of the product below the buying options on eBay.

By default, your store will have an HTML template created for you and it will be shown in the drop down as "Style 1." This style correlates directly to a new HTML template in your common-html5 folder called "listing_ebay_0.html." (FTP path: "/web/assets/templates/common-html5")

However, if you'd like to create your own styles for the display of the listing, you can create your own template and name it "listing_ebay_x.html" where "x" is a number other than 0. Then, when you upload the new template to your specific Theme folder (via FTP) you will see it in the drop down as "Style 2" or "Style 3" accordingly.

Once you click on the "List on eBay" button, a popup window will come up and you can proceed with the next steps:

Special Note
If you are using eBay Motors for the listing, you will also need to select the eBay Motors Product ID by searching the eBay catalog. Simply search for the part number and a list of candidate products will appear that you can select.

To continue:

  1. Select the Settings template (from the Store Modules section) that this product will use

The system will give you a brief summary of the settings configured on the Listing Template (from Modules)

  1. Click on the "Product Information" tab along the top of the window to continue
  2. Schedule a date and time for the listing to begin 
    (or click "Execute it Now" to begin it immediately).

Additional Information
Directly next to the "Execute now" checkbox, you may see a different checkbox labeled 
"Use this quantity for all products"

As mentioned previously, if you are listing a product that has options available to it, but without eBay variations being used (in the general tab); then you will really be listing each variant of the item separately. For this reason, the "Use this quantity for all products" setting is there if you want to list the same number of units for each variant listing.

  1. After setting the Schedule for the listing, review the item's Title and Sub Title as needed.
  2. Under Quantity, set the number of units that you want to list on eBay
  3. Review the rest of the information on the item such as price, dimensions, etc.

As you list your item on eBay, the Quantity chosen for the listing will be deducted from your store's inventory for the item.

Also, please note that multiple quantity listings are not allowed for Auction purchase options. Only Buy it Now will be able to list multiple units for sale.

  1. When ready to proceed, click on "Preview Fees From eBay" to review the applicable fees from eBay for the item's listing.
  2. When you're ready to post the item, click "Finish" at the bottom.

When previewing fees, you will also see a listing of possible errors and/or warnings from eBay on the item's listing.

  • Warnings
    will still allow the listing to be posted.
  • Errors
    will prevent the listing from posting to eBay altogether and must be addressed.


Congratulations! Your item is now listed on eBay!

You may now repeat the process for the rest of your items as needed.

Addtional Information
Due to the number of variables that need to be set on eBay Listed items, at this time, it is not possible to list items on eBay with a CSV import. Items must be listed individually using the Shift4Shop Online Store Manager interface.

In our Next Article, we will discuss the processing of your orders as they come in from eBay.

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