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How do I use the Product's Discount Tab?


Shift4Shop also allows you the option of setting discounts based on the quantities of products ordered. For example, you may want to offer your customer a discount on a particular item if purchased in bulk. This can be done in the product's Discount Tab which is the sixth tab on the product creation pages

To view the product's Discount tab, please be sure to enable the "Product: Advanced Settings - Discount" module in your online store manager's Modules page.

Quantity Pricing

  1. Go to Products >Product List
  2. Select the item you'd like to set quantity pricing for and proceed to its "Discount" tab
  3. Click "+Add" at the top right and enter your first quantity range
  4. Specify your the customer group pricing level the discounts will apply to*.

Customer group pricing levels are levels where you can specify different pricing amounts that apply to your customers; depending on which group they belong to. The Quantity Pricing feature can be used to only apply bulk discounts for specific customer groups if you desire. For example, retail customers may pay regular price (even in bulk) but you may want your wholesale customers to be able to purchase in bulk at an added discount. Customer Groups are discussed in more detail here

  1. Specify your discount amount and type
  2. Click "Add."
  3. Repeat until you've completed your quantity ranges.

Once the quantity pricing is configured, your product will contain a graph showing your customers what the price ranges when the link is clicked.

When adding your quantity discounts, you can either specify a dollar amount or a percentage. This discounted amount will be deducted from the product's unit price for the given price level. For example, if the pricing level is set to level 1 (Retail) the discount will be deducted from the retail price. However, if the pricing level is set for one of your customer groups, the discount is applied to that unit price instead.

Remember to keep your product's base cost in mind when offering discounts so you don't inadvertently sell your items at a loss. For simplicity, it may be best to use percentages rather than dollar amounts to specify your discounts.

Additional Settings

Beneath your bulk discount ranges, you will see two additional checkboxes. These can be used to determine how bulk discounts are applied to products with selectable options.

  • Group Options for Qty. Pricing: In our article describing the Discount Tab we discussed how to apply discounts on a product depending on the quantities ordered. By default however, the discount is applied to quantities of the item either without options or with the same options selected all around. In other words, if you have a shirt available in 3 sizes and 3 colors, and you offer a discount of 5% for orders of 3 or more shirts; the customer will have to select the same options for all three shirts in order to qualify for the 5% discount. However, the Group Options for Qty. Pricing setting in the product's Advanced Tab will make it so that the customer can place separate versions of the product in their cart - with different options selected on each - while giving them the specified discount after they reach the minimum amount of product required for the discount. (see image)

  • Apply Qty. Pricing discount to options
    When using Quantity Discounts, the discount applied is deducted from the product's main price. By default, if the option being selected on the product has any sort of mark-up attached to its price, the quantity discount will not apply to it. By selecting this checkbox in the Advanced Tab , the Quantity Discount will be applied to both the product's base price and the option's mark-up value.

The option/group pricing functions listed above will only apply to options that are using the drop down, radio button and drop image option types. Text, text area and all other option types will not be applicable to these functions.

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