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How do I turn on Lucene Search?


Your Shift4Shop store has its own built-in search function on the store's front-end. The basic search uses Product Names, Descriptions, and Keywords to let your site visitors search for and find your products (and categories/site content pages if selected).

The default search uses the store's main database in order to locate and display the search results for your visitors. Typically, the main database is fine for the default search module. However, for stores with a large catalog containing thousands of items and pages to sift through, the search can sometimes cause timeouts when returning the search results.

As an option to avoid these types of issues, we've added the ability (beginning with Shift4Shop version 10.0.3) to turn on Lucene Search for the store's search functions. The lucene search option will index your store's catalog (as well as update it periodcally) and serve as a more dedicated database exclusive to the store's search functions. The idea is to have search queries on larger stores use the Lucene index (rather than the store's database) to look for and return search results and minimize the chance of timeout when showing the results.

The Lucene Search only affects your store's front-end search. The Admin Search in the Shift4Shop Olline Store Manager is not affected by Lucene Search at all.

To turn on Lucene Search, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager
  2. Using the left-hand navigation menu, go to Modules
  3. Once you get to the modules page, use the search bar at the top and type in "Store Search"
  4. Once the module appears, click on its "Settings" button
  5. Place a mark in the "Lucene Search" checkbox
  6. Click "Save"

Additional Information:
Once you click "Save" in step 6 above, the Lucene Search will create two automated scripts on your store.

  • One script (Create Search Index) will run once every 24 hours and will create the index for your store.
  • The second script (Update Search Index) will run throughout the day and update the store's index peridocially.

Note that - until the Create Search Index script completes its run - your store will still fall back on the default search. Once the initial Lucene index is created, the search will switch to that.

You may review the scripts and see their previous and next run times within the store's Scheduled Scripts tool (available in Modules).

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