Knowledgebase: Changing DNS Records

How do I properly point my domain to 3dcart?

You can use either of the following options to properly point your domain to us.

  • Option 1: Point your DNS records to 3dcart

This is the simplest option, since it will effectively let 3dcart manage all of your DNS needs. Simply log into your domain's regstrar service (who you registered your domain with) and update the domain's name servers to the following:


Once the information is updated and propagated online, 3dcart will effectively manage all of your domain's DNS Zone File records for you.

When re-pointing DNS, first check to see if you have other custom records, such as Email (MX), A-records or additional CNAMES. If those need to stay intact, please email support with those as we can have our server administrators add them here to avoid any disruption. We will confirm the records were set and then you can make your DNS updates.

  • Option 2: Create a CNAME on your DNS

If you prefer to keep your domain's name servers unchanged, then an alternative would be to create a CNAME on the domain's WWW sub-domain record. The CNAME would then point to your shared * URL.

Either of these methods can be used to make your store's DNS work with 3dcart.

It's very likely that your domain already has a record created for its www sub-domain. Typically this is added as an A record pointing to an IP address or a CNAME pointing to the main domain. Therefore, if you decide to use the CNAME option described above, you'll likely just have to edit the www record rather than create it as new.

I don't want to use a CNAME or 3dcart's DNS. Instead, I'd rather have an A record pointed to my store's IP address.

Unfortunately, due to the way our content delivery network is configured, an A record pointing to the IP address is not possible. Please be sure to use one of the methods described above (Update DNS to 3dcart, or create a CNAME to the WWW sub-domain.)

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