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Can I update stock on multiple products at once?

Can I update stock on multiple products at once?


To update multiple stock numbers at the same time:

  1. Go to Products >Product List
  2. Look to the top right of the page and click on the "More" button
  3. Select "Inventory" from the More Button drop down

This page will provide you a list of all of your products (up to 150 at a time). Each product will be listed with the following:

  • Thumnbail Image
    The Product's small thumbnail image
  • ID
    The product's ID/SKU information
  • Name
    The name of the product
  • Stock Level Indicator
    If the product has a stock alert number specified, this indicator will show you how far away the product is from triggering the alert email
  • Stock
    This open field can be used to update the product's inventory. For products that are using Advanced Options, you will see the the product's cummulative inventory followed by each separate variant to update it.
  • Stock Alert
    This field can be used to specify the product's stock alert number. When the product's inventory drops below this amount, a stock alert email will be sent to you to notify you that the item is running low.
  • Home Spacial
    Use this checkbox if you would like to mark the product as a Featured Product on your store's home page
  • Hide
    This checkbox can be used to hide items as needed.

Using the search function at the top of the list, you can narrow down your products to just a few at a time. You can also filter the search using the "Advanced" button which will let you filter based on minimum/maximum stock, category and manufacturer!

  1. Click "Save" at the top right to commit your changes.

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