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How do I Integrate my Shift4Shop store with Houzz?


Merchants who also sell products via the Houzz Home Products Marketplace, can now import orders from Houzz to their Shift4Shop store for processing. As orders are retrieved from your Houzz account, matching orders are created on your Shift4Shop store where they may be reviewed and processed. Then, as the orders are moved to the shipped status on the Shift4Shop store, their corresponding order on Houzz will be updated too! Furthermore any orders canceled on the Shift4Shop store will also update to the corresponding Houzz order as well.

Houzz integration is included on Shift4Shop Professional Plus plans and higher; including the Free End-to-End eCommerce Plan. Lower tier plans may also purchase it separately via the Shift4Shop App Store.

Enabling Houzz Integration

To enable the Houzz Integration on your store, proceed with the following steps:

This article assumes that you already have your Houzz Products Marketplace account created. If you do not yet have an account with Houzz, please visit here to start setting it up.

  1. Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager
  2. Using the left hand navigaiton menu, go to "Modules"
  3. Once you get to the Modules page, type in "Houzz Integration" in the search bar at the top to locate and put a check in the "Enable" checkbox.
  4. Next, click on the "Settings" button

Within the module, you will have the following settings and options:

    • Import Shipped Orders**
      If marked, this checkbox will make it so that your orders that are marked as "shipped" on the Houzz side will also be imported to your Shift4Shop store.
      Please note that, if the order already exists in the Shift4Shop store but was not imported using this integration (i.e. manual creation), then it may potentially create a duplicate order on your Shift4Shop store.
    • App ID, User Name, & API Token
      Enter your Houzz account credentials in these fields. Please refer to Houzz's support documentation in regards to finding your credentials
    • Order Prefix
      Use this field to add a prefix to orders that are imported from your Houzz account.
      This is intended to differentiate those orders from your regular Shift4Shop orders.
      • Payment Type
        This last setting in the module will be used to select one of your stores created payment methods.
        Simply select which payment method you want to have mapped to your imported Houzz orders.

Additional Information
The purpose of this setting is merely to provide a payment type that will be set on the order when it is imported to your store.

It is not used for collecting money for the Houzz order (That part's already done on the Houzz side). Instead, it's used only to show that the order is paid.

  • Update Inventory in Import*
    Mark this checkbox to update your Shift4Shop store's inventory to reflect (and deduct from) your items ordered on Houzz Note that you will need to have your Shift4Shop store's Inventory Control settings turned on for this to work.

Additional Information
Further note that your products on the Shift4Shop store will also need to match the same ID/Sku information for products in your Houzz account for the inventory control to work properly

Once you have configured your settings, click "Save" at the top right to complete the integration!

Houzz Product Feed

In addition to importing orders from Houzz to your Shift4Shop store, the integration will also let you import products from your Shift4Shop store to Houzz using a product feed.

This feed will serve to not only create your Shift4Shop Products on Houzz, but also synchronize your inventory for those products on Houzz via a daily script.

To desginate products for the Houzz Feed, follw these steps:

  1. Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager
  2. Using the left hand navigation menu, go to Products >Product List
  3. Locate the product you would like to add to the Houzz Product Feed and click on its sku name to open the product information tab.
  4. Next, select the product's "Advanced" tab.
  5. Scroll down the page until you reach the "Houzz Products Feed" section and click "Edit Settings" to continue.

If you don't see the "Edit Settings" button in the Houzz Products Feed section, click on the "Hide /Show +" icon to expand the section and reveal the button.

In the Houzz Products Feed settings, you will have the following fields to fill in for the feed.

  • SKU
    This is the product's SKU number as it appears in your store. It will be automatically populated for you.
  • LeadTimeMin (required)
    Lead time is how long it takes for the product to be shipped from the time its order is placed. This field is the minimum lead time for the product.
  • LeadTimeMax (required)
    This field is the maximum lead time for the product.
  • MinimumOrderQuantity (required)
    The minimum quantity that can needs to be ordered when purchasing the item on Houzz
  • AssemblyRequired (required)
    Mark whether the item requires assembly by the customer when they order and receive the item. Mark 0 for no, 1 for yes.
  • FreightItem (required)
    Mark whether the item requires special frieght delivery. Mark 0 for no, 1 for yes.
  • Shipping US Standard Price
    The standard shipping price for the item on US orders
  • Shipping US Expedited Price
    The expedited shipping price for the item on US orders
  • Shipping US (Other) Standard Price
    The standard shipping price for the item on international orders
  • Shipping US (Other) Expedited Price
    The expedited shipping price for the item on international orders
  • Shipping CA Standard Price
    The standard shipping price for the item on Canada orders
  • Shipping CA Expedited Price
    The expedited shipping price for the item on Canada orders
  • HouzzCategory (required)
    The category taxonomy for the item as it will be displayed on Houzz's shopping channel. As you type in category names, the acceptable categories will display for you to select them as needed.

After you've set up the product's feed information, click "Save" at the top right and the item will be added to the feed.

Alternately, to remove items from the feed, you may use the "Delete from Feed" button also located at the top right.

Additional Information
For products with Options, the product must use Advanced Options. Also note that the feed will generate one instance of the item per advanced option combination.


You can use the export/import functions of the store to add or remove items from the Houzz feed. Once the integration is added to your store, you will see a new section in your store's Products Export/Import page for Houzz. When exporting for Houzz, you can choose whether to export items that are on the feed or products that are NOT on the feed.

You can also import a CSV file of your products to be added to the Houzz feed. Download the Sample file to get aproperly formatted CSV file for the import.

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