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Where does "Browse Similar Items" come from?


If a product resides in multiple categories at the same time, your shoppers will see a section at the bottom of the product page showing the other categories that the product resides in. This section will be labeled "Browse Similar Items" and will contain links to the other categories for the product. The intent behind this is to help your shoppers find similar products to the one they are viewing, if perhaps the product can be classified in multiple ways.

For example, let's say you sell small home appliances. One of your products is a portable grill that can double as a panini maker. As a store owner, you might include this item in two different categories like Counter Top Appliances and Sandwich Makers. Because the item resides in both categories, the bottom of the listing page will display this "Browse Similar Items" section along with links to the other categories as a way to direct shoppers to other areas of your store that they might not be aware of.

If you would like to prevent the "Browse Similar Items" from displaying, add the following style to your store's active CSS file and it will hide the function.

.breadcrumbsBlock { display: none;}

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