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Product Bundle Maintenance Procedure


As described in our Product Bundle Tutorial, a bundle/kit is first made by adding an option to your base product, and then linking the option to a separate item in your catalog in order to make the bundle.To function correctly, the items that are linked in a bundle must be present on your store's database. If an item in your store is part of a bundle - and the linked/custom product is deleted - then someone ordering the bundle would get an error during their checkout process.

To prevent this, we have a maintenance procedure that regularly checks your product bundles and their bundled items. If an item that is linked to a bundle option is no longer present on your store, the maintenance script will remove that item's option from the bundle listing. This is to prevent issues during checkout.

More importantly, the store will send an email to you to notify you of these changes along with links to the product bundle that was affected by this so that you can review the product and make any necessary changes to its bundled offerings.

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