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Is there any way to create an affiliate link to a specific page?


Yes! Merchants using the built-in Affiliate Program can provide their affiliates with a way of linking directly to a specific product rather than to the store's home page. This is basically done by combining the catalog id of the product along with the affiliate ID of the affiliate record like this:


To do this, you will need two things:

  • Your affiliate's ID [n]
    The unique database number for the affiliate's record
  • The URL to the Product's ASP Page. [x]
    The unique product.asp page used by the product.

Retrieving the Affiliate ID

The affiliate ID can be found in the Affiliate's My Account page. They can either provide it to you, or you can log into their respective customer record to retrieve it. To retrieve the Affiliate's ID yourself:

  1. Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager
  2. Using the left hand navigation menu, go to Customers >Customer List
  3. Locate the customer record for your affiliate and click on their name to open their record
  4. Next, look at the top right of the page and click on the "Login to Account" button to access their My Account page

At this point, you will be logged into the customer's record to retrieve their Affiliate ID. The following steps can also be given to your affiliate if you'd like to show them how to provide the affiliate ID to you (instead of you doing the legwork).

The Affiliate record must be enabled in order to view their ID.

  1. While in the Customer Record's My Account page, locate the "Affiliate Statistics" section
  2. Click on the "View Details" link to the upper right hand side of the Affiliate Statistics section
  3. Scroll down to the "My Links" section to see the Affiliate's banner links

Regardless of which banner link they're using, the reference URL will contain a link to their unique Affiliate ID in the code.

  1. Look for the following in the banner code:


The number after the "?" will be their respective Affiliate ID. Make a note of this id for the next steps.

Retrieving the product.asp URL

The second bit of information you will need is the product's ASP URL. This can be retrieved by you from the Online Store Manager

  1. Go to Products >Product List
  2. Locate the product you'd like to use for the affiliate link and click on its name to open the product's information pages
  3. Next, click on the "Advanced" tab found along the top of the page.
  4. On that Advanced Tab, scroll to the very bottom of the page to view the "Link to this product" section.
  5. Copy the full URL in this field and paste it into notepad or other text editor

Combining the Two

The final step will be to combine the two elements to make a unique URL for your affiliate. This will be done by adding the affiliate ID code at the end of the product URL so that it looks like this:


Provide this link to your Affiliate and they can use the specific product for their referral link instead of only linking to the store's home page.

The same basic approach can be used for a category page instead. All you need to add is the ?Affid=n to have it serve the same purpose.

Custom File Names

If you are using Custom File Names for your products, you can use these instead of the *.asp URL for the product. In this case, you would simply add the "?Affid=[n]" part to the custom file name URL.



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