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How Do I Control Which Email Address My Stores Messages Are Coming FROM?


Your Shift4Shop store is designed to send several emails to your shoppers for many different circumstances including:

  • Customer Registrations
  • Affiliate Registrations
  • New Order Confirmations
  • Order Status Changes
  • Waiting List Notifications
  • Newsletter Subscribing and Unsubscribing
  • Password Resets
  • and more...

The address that these messages appear to be coming from can be set in either of two ways.


The global setting for the "from" address can be set by going to Settings >General >Store Settings and setting it in the "Email" field. This setting will effectively make all emails set by your store appear with this email address in the "From" field.

Individual Email Templates

You can also tailor individual emails to send from specific email addresses by editing the respective email's design template specifications. To do this, go to Settings >Design >Emails. Here you will be presented with every email template your store uses for various situations like the ones listed above. Click on the "Edit" button for the email you'd like to change, and place your desired "From" address in the template's "From Field.

The email will now send using the address you specified as the "From" address.

Special Note
Regardless of which method you use, please be sure to use an email address @yourdomain. Addresses for external email services like GMail and HotMail should not be used. Only email addresses representative of your store's domain should ever be used. If you have use a from email that is set as something not @yourdomain, then the store will send emails as coming from "[email protected]"

If you absolutely need to use a domain other than your store's domain for emails, then please submit a ticket to our support department where we will inform you of the proper SPF record that will need to be added to the external domain's DNS record.

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