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How do I use the Daily Deal Group function?


Your store's Daily Deal module can also be modified to include individual groups of deals.

This can be beneficial for merchants who'd like to have multiple daily deals running at the same time on their stores but for different categories, or perhaps different customer groups. For example, you may have a store that contains both Men's and Women's apparel and you'd like to offer a daily deal for each. Or alternately, perhaps you have a site that carries a wide variety of products ranging from electronics to entertainment media to even clothing. The Daily Deal Group feature will now allow you to run a daily deal for each.

This new feature is not to be confused with Group Deals which is a different feature altogether.

The following information will allow you to use this exciting new feature.

Setting up the Deal Groups

Begin by creating your Daily Deal items as explained in the Daily Deal knowledge base article. With the Deal Groups functionality you will see a small drop-down box labeled "Select a Deal Group to Display"

Within this drop down box, you will have the ability to designate up to 5 separate deal groups. When adding initial product to your daily deals, you will automatically be using Deal Group 1, since it is the default group.

After adding your Deal Group 1 item(s), you may configure your next Deal Group by selecting it from the drop down box. This will refresh the page and give you a new group to which you can add Daily Deal Items.

After adding your Deal Group 2 item(s) you can continue onto the rest of your Deal Groups or continue to the next steps of activating and displaying your Daily Deals

Activating each Daily Deal Group

Using the "Select a Deal Group to Display" drop down menu, select group 1 and click the link provided to enable the Daily Deals

The interface will then refresh and give you the option of either starting the deal right now, or waiting for its scheduled time frame to arrive.

Once you are finished with activating Daily Deal Group 1, it's now time to activate Daily Deal Group 2.

Again, using the "Select a Deal Group to Display" drop down menu, select Group 2. The page will refresh, and you will then see your Daily Deal Group 2 item(s).

Now, simply click on the "Activate" link located to the far right of the Daily Deal product listing to enable this second Daily Deal Group.

Additional Information
When you activate the second deal group's item, the page will refresh and will display Deal Group 1's listing. Be aware of this as you will still need to reselect Group 2 if you need to enable the deal before its scheduled start time.

Please note that products can only be assigned to one Deal Group at a time. This means that if you have a product in Deal Group 1, then it can not also be assigned to Deal Group 2.

Customizing your Widget

As explained in the Daily Deal knowledgebase article, when you create a daily deal, you are also given a Daily Deal widget script which can be placed on your pages. By default, this Daily Deal widget is always set to the main Deal Group 1. In order to use it for your alternate Deal Groups, you will need to make a slight modification to the widget before placing it.

To designate your Deal Group on the widget, look at the widget code and locate the portion of it that refers to "dailydeal_widget.asp" Then, simply add "?group=[y]" to the end of that code; where "[y]" equals the Deal Group you'd like to display on the widget.

For example:

This additional widget can then be placed wherever you'd like to display your deal(s).

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