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Can I change the date and currency format used on Shift4Shop?


Date Format

A unique question we are asked often is if the store's date stamp and currency format can be changed. 

For example, some merchants have requested to have their date stamps changed from mm/dd/yyyy format to dd/mm/yyyy.  

Unfortunately, the date stamp format is hard-coded on the database and cannot be changed.

Currency Format

Similarly, some merchants have requested to have their currency format changed from decimal format to comma in order to designate their country's currency format for fractional currencies. (For example, in some nations $1,500.50 is written as 1.500,50)

As with the date stamp this also cannot be changed. 

What you can change

However, with currency you are able to change the currency symbol that is used.

By going to Settings >General >Store Settings, you will see "Store Standards" at the very bottom of the page.  Within this section you will see:

  • Currency Symbol
    Use this field to specify the desired currency symbol for your store. (i.e. $, , or ¥)
  • Currency Code
    Use this dropdown to specify the standard 3 letter currency code that will be used for your online payment gateway. For example:
    • USD - US Dollar
    • CAD - Canadian Dollar
    • GBP - British Pound
    • EUR - Euro

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