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How do I manually add products?


This article is a quick reference on how to add your products manually (without CSV import) to your Shift4Shop store. We will go over all of the main fields involved in adding a product – please keep in mind there are many more features available to you for this process, so the more information you add, the more descriptive your products will be.

Adding a Product

To manually add a new product:

  1. Go to Products >Product List
  2. Look to the top right of the page and click on the "Add a Product" button

This will create a base product for you to edit with basic details. Required details for this page are the product's name, sku and price. All other details are optional at this stage.

Once you save the basic details of the product, you will see a page with a series of tabs found along the top. The very first tab you see will be the information tab which will be the focus of this article.

In the information tab, you will see the following fields:

  • ID/SKU
    This is the item's Store Keeping Unit and is your store's unique identifier for the product.
  • GTIN
    This is the product's Global Trade Identification Number and is typically the unversal identifier for the product. For example, the product's UPC number could be considered a GTIN.
  • MPN
    This field can be used for the product's Manufacturer Part Number if applicable to the item
  • Name
    This field will be used for the product's name as you would like it to appear on the store front.
  • Short Description
    This field is used to provide a short summary of the product's description. It typically will appear on search results when a search is made on your store front.
  • Manufacturer
    Use this drop down to assign the product to one of your store's product manufacturers if you have created them.
  • Distributor
    Use this drop down to assign the product to one of your store's distributors if you have created them.

The Distributor and Manufacturer choices will be ones you have already created in the Settings >General >Distributors and Settings >General >Manufacturers sections of your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager.

  • Categories
    Choose an existing category to add this product to in the Category field by clicking +Add, then selecting the category.
    You can choose more than one category to add this product to. Alternatively, you can also remove categories from a product by clicking on the name and then pressing the Remove button.

Your category choices will be ones you have already created in the Products >Category section of your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager.

  • Pricing
    This section will allow you to set your product's pricing information
    • Cost
      This is how much the product costs you as merchant.
      This is an internal number and typically used for sales vs profit reporting.
    • Retail Price
      This is how much the product sells for at other stores.
      On the store front, the "Retail Price" will be shown with a strikethrough indicating that the product is cheaper on your store. Furthermore, the store front will display a "Your Savings" message to show how much cheaper the price is when shopping your store.
    • Price
      This is how much the product sells for at your store.
    • On Sale
      While this field is for the price of your product when it is on sale.

To mark the item as being on Sale, simply mark the "Item on Sale" checkbox.

  • Options
    This section will allow you to set some individual display and function parameters for the product.
    • Non-Taxable
      Mark this checkbox if you'd like the product to be tax-exempt.
      This will make it so that the product is not factored in to the store's tax calculation during checkout.
    • Not for Sale
      This checkbox allows you to set the item as "not for sale" which will allow you to display the product, but not sell it.
      (Can be useful for items that have upcoming street dates)
    • Non-Searchable
      This checkbox will omit the product from search results when a search is made on your store.
      This can be useful for situations where the product is more of a service that you simply don't want to have found on a routine search of your store. (example, gift wrapping services, engraving packages, etc)
    • Hide
      Mark this checkbox if you need to hide the product from view for any reason.
      This allows you to keep the product in your catalog (rather than deleting) if you need to take it out of view.
    • Gift Certificate
      This checkbox will be used if you are creating a Gift Certificate product.
      Marking this checkbox will add a To: and From: form onto the product so that the shopper can address the GC to another person.
    • Home Special
      This checkbox will mark the item as a "Featured Item" on your store's home page.
    • Category Special
      Similar to the Home Special, this checkbox will mark the item as a "Featured Item" on any category the product belongs to

As an alternative to the Home Special checkbox, you can also set your store to randomly display all of your products as "Featured Items" on the home page. To use this option, go to Modules in your Online Store Manager, and search for "Home Specials."

  • Shipping Options
    Here you will see some configurations for the product that pertain to the way shipping is calculated when the item is purchased.
    • Ship/Markup
      If you would like to add an additional markup to the shipping rate specifically for the item, enter the amount here.
    • One Box/Mult. Boxes
      Use this setting to configure whether the item (by itself) is typically shipped in one container, or if it uses multiple containers.
      For example, some office furniture products may be shipped in two separate containers - one for the furniture components, and a separate box for the hardware (door knobs, glass windows, wheels, etc.)
    • Weight/Length/Width/Height
      These fields are for entering the weight and dimensional information of the product when it ships. These are typically sent to your store's shipping carrier in order to return real-time shipping rates.
    • Free Shipping
      Mark this checkbox if you would like to omit the product from shipping calculation.
      This will offer the shopper free shipping on the item itself.
    • Ships by Itself
      Use this checkbox if the product absolutely needs to ship by itself. If the product is purchased along with other items, then shipping will be factored for this one product shipping in a separate container.

Additional Information
As mentioned, the product dimensions, (weight, height, length, etc) are typically used for real-time shipping calculation. When the item is ordered, the store will send this information to the respective shipping carrier and calculate rates based on the weight and dimensions of the product.

Whether you need to enter the numbers in standard (lbs, inches, etc) or metric (kg, cm, etc) units depends on your specific carrier. If your carrier deals with metric units (like AustraliaPost, or RoyalMail/ParcelForce), you will enter your measurements in metric units. If your carrier deals in Standard measurement, you will enter standard units.

  • Inventory Options
    This section can be used for setting how inventory control is handled for the product.
    • Inventory Control
      Set the action that you would like to occur when the item reaches 0 in stock.
      Your choices are:
      • Default
        Use the store's global setting as set in Settings >General >Store Settings
      • Out of Stock
        Shows the item as out of stock and does not allow purchase of the product
      • Back Order
        Shows the item as on "Back Order" (to indicate it is out of stock) but allows purchase of the item so that the order can be filled when stock is replenished.
      • Waiting List
        Shows the item as Out of Stock but allows the shopper to sign up for a waiting list to be notified when the item is replenished.
    • New Stock
      Enter the number of stock you have on hand for the item. As you replenish stock, you can update stock via this field as well.
    • Stock Alert
      If you would like to receive alerts from your store when you are running out of the item, enter a number here.
      When stock reaches below this number, the store will send you a notificaiton.
      0 turns off the function.
    • In Stock/Out of Stock/Back Order Messages
      Use these fields if you'd like to have the product display specific text when the item is In stock, Out of Stock or on Back Order.

Please keep in mind that the New Stock and Stock Alert fields only supports numeric characters and can take a maximum of nine digits. By entering a number that is longer than this value, it will return an alert informing you of this.

Additional Information
The stock messages will override the store's global stock messages which can be edited by going to Settings >Design >Store Language.

  • Description
    This field will allow you to enter an extended description of the product. The description will appear on the product's listing page in your storefront. This field will take either straight text or HTML coding to format your description. Furthermore, you can use WYSIWYG on this field to help you format the text as needed.
  • Keywords
    Words and phrases entered here will be added to the product listing page's Metatags section and will assist in searches and SEO. Multiple keywords and phrases should be separated by a comma.

Once you have completed setting up the product's information tab, click "Save" at the top right to commit your changes.

Make sure you click save before navigating away from this page. Otherwise, moving to another page or tab before saving will discard any unsaved information entered.


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