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With Shift4Shop,you have the ability to let your shoppers save their shopping carts in order to let them complete their orders upon their return visit.  This feature also allows you – as merchant – to craft a customized shopping cart for individual shoppers if necessary and let them checkout whenever they're ready.  This can be useful for situations where you'd like to craft a special list of items that is unique to their individual needs such as medical, health or dietary supplements.

Saved carts can be stored for a total of 60-days, thereby giving your customer plenty of time to come back and finish the sale. 

Enabling the Saved Carts Feature

To enable the Saved Carts feature, use the following steps.

Log into your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager and use the left hand navigation menu to:

  1. Go to Modules
  2. Use the search bar at the top of the page to search for "Saved Carts"

This will locate and open the Saved Carts Module for you and will present you with the following two checkboxes:

  • Enable Saved Carts
    Marking this checkbox will turn on the feature for your store.
  • Delete Saved Carts after Checkout
    After a shopper (with saved carts) returns to your store and processes an order to completion, this checkbox will then delete any saved carts that the shopper had in place.

How It Will Look

View Cart

After logging into your store and adding items to their individual carts, your shoppers will see a new "Save Cart" button on the regular "View Cart" page.

Retrieving Saved Carts

Once the "Save Cart" button is clicked, your shopper will be taken to their "My Account" page.  This page will now contain their saved cart in a new "Saved Carts" section of page. 

Upon subsequent visits, your customer can simply log into their account and access their saved carts from the My Account page easily.

The individual saved carts will contain both a time stamp of when the cart was saved, as well as the subtotal of items. This section will also contain links where the shopper may review their cart or otherwise complete the order.

In order to see the "Save Cart" button, your shopper will need to be actively logged into their account with your store. If not logged in, the button will simply not appear for them.

Emailing Saved Carts

Beginning with version 7.6.0 of the Shift4Shop Software, shoppers can now share and email their saved carts to other people who may share the same needs, interests and tastes. When received, the email will contain a link that recreates the saved cart for the recipient and takes them to their own view cart page with the same items.

To send the Saved Cart Email, your shopper will log into their respective account the same as they would to retrieve the saved cart. Once there, they will see a link labeled "Email Cart" located between the "View Details" and "Continue Order" links.

When the "Email Cart" link is clicked, a small popup window will appear allowing the customer to enter email address(es) and send the saved cart to their recipients.

When entering multiple email addresses, separate each address with a comma.

The email will basically advise the recipient that [customer name] has shared a cart with them from [store name] and will list the cart items. The content of the email may be changed by going to Settings >Design >Email section in your Online Store Manager and editing the "Saved Cart" template.


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